"God, fine, mug": Olya Polyakova's daughter was harassed on the internet for a new photo


The 13-year-old Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, Masha, surprised her customers with new photos on the Instagram social network, reports replyua.net. In the picture, a girl stands in a bathing suit with long unraveled hair, posing in the background of green leaves and trees. Masha did not smile, but such facial expressions caused unpleasant comments from the fans, despite the fact that many of the fans were shocked by the girl's extraordinary hair.

"You are very beautiful, but to be honest, this photo is not very", "Pumped teeth", "God, okay, erysipelas", "The same konyak will be like a mother" hair is beautiful, well, not straight beauty. Normal normal girl "," Not the most successful photo, there is a better one. Hair – credit !!!!!! "," Why upload photos that don't work? "," Nice hair "," hair is cool "," extraordinary hair and a smile are just funny and you are good, "Masha Polyakova.

But some people note that the girl is very beautiful and unrealistic like her mother: "Beautiful! "All in mom", "You are very beautiful and like two drops of water look like your mother who is just as beautiful", "Masha, you are very beautiful and bright! Happiness for you! "," You are the most, the most! Your beauty is not limited to the whole universe! "," Dazzling! And the hair! "," Very thin, smart, cute girl growing up, "" The most – most beautiful. Only a goddess. Hair is very beautiful. "

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