Monday , July 26 2021

Founder of "Mushroom" Yuri Bardash released a solo album

Ukrainian producer and previous member of the "Mushroom" group Yuri Bardash released a video for the song "PRAKTIKA" as part of his new solo project YOURA. Filmed through the PRAKTIKA track.

Also today the mini-album "PREDICTOR" is placed, which, besides "PRAKTIKA", includes 4 more songs. Remember that in mid-spring 2018 the producer announced the closing of "Kruzheva Music", and "Mushrooms" finally collapsed. And on the artist channel, a video for the Praktika song was released on YouTube.

The video description shows that the composition was "dedicated to Fyodor Filippovich, the man who raised me".

Recall that Yuri was born in Alchevsk, from Alchevsk (Lugansk region), which was arrested last year by militants from the terrorist group "LPR". In the caption to the video, Bardash indicates that this song is dedicated to one Fyodor Fillipovich, who took it.

Clip action occurred in the factory area. Apparently, the player was inspired by the industry of his homeland.

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