Ford announced the development of a giant V8 petrol (pictured) “Russian Jew


Ford has announced the development of a giant V8 petrol engine with a capacity of more than seven liters. The secret Megazilla project was announced by Ford Performance Lead Engineer, Mike Goodwin. The new engine will be based on Godzilla’s 7.3 lower-axle aspirated engine, which is mounted on a Super Duty pickup truck.

The fact that Ford is involved in the massive V8 petrol project is known from the Performance Racing Industry channel video. The characteristics of the future power unit are kept secret, but are known to be more productive than the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine with a return of 436 horsepower and 644 Nm.

Since the Godzilla V8 is an engine for light trucks and heavy pickups, the aspirated engine has a solid margin of safety. For example, the Whipple supercharger allows you to increase efficiency by up to 60 percent at once, without losing reliability. However, Ford Performance engineers will likely not install a compressor and will find a way to increase power and torque while remaining true to a naturally aspirated design.

The Godzilla 7.3 V8 is a fairly modern unit with a carbon intake manifold, aluminum cylinder heads, variable valve timing, and multipoint injection. However, the advanced solution does not affect simplicity, reliability and availability, as the complete motor costs only $ 8,150.


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