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Flashpoint launch trailer, the first addition to Battletech's turn-based tactics

The first addition to Battletech's turn-based tactic called Flashpoint was released, and on this occasion, the developers of the Harebrained Schemes studio, together with Paradox Interactive, presented a new trailer.

This extension will add content for around 30 hours of play. With him at Battletech there will appear high-stakes short stories, Flashpoints, which link together mercenary missions, crew dialogue, special events, critical choice moments, and rare bonus bonuses.

The addition will make the players plunge into the internecine dispute of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere and promise to remain in constant tension even the most experienced commanders. Apart from bend plots, some Flashpoint stories have sequential applications where players cannot be repaired or treated between missions, while others use penetration contracts that limit the tonnage of feather combat deployed.

Flashpoint also offers three new feathers (Hatchetman strong armor anchors, high-speed and versatile crabs and equipped with sophisticated Cyclops electronics), Target Acquisition missions (they must use light and medium bellows, control three zones and focus on enemy installations) and tropical environments fresh, covered with fertile vegetation, where you must be alert to club disputes or use them for tactical purposes.

Season Pass Owners will receive Battletech expansion: Flashpoint without additional fees, the rest are asked to provide 391.5 rubles (until December 2, Steam has a discount).

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