Saturday , May 8 2021

Experts say how to get past the fingerprint scanner protection on any smartphone

Network security specialists from New York University are able to pass the protection of every smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. Researchers have developed a "primary key" that can deceive biometric identification systems.

Report about that "Today".

As the results of the study show, fingerprint scanners can sometimes fail and take fake patterns on the fingers in 1 in 1,000 cases. The researchers managed to reduce this number to 1 in 5 cases, fingerprints can be artificially created using machine learning and are used to deceive the authentication system.

The researchers found that the sensor scanned the fingerprint image only partially – only at direct contact points. Thus, the possibility of some overlapping fingerprints is substantially increased.

Now similar systems are used in more than 50% of smartphones produced in 2017, including the iPhone 8. In 2019, the number of smartphones with the same defects will increase to 71%, which will increase the risk of hacking smartphones.

Also, earlier, on October 15, Ioutdoor, a company involved in making secure smartphones, known as "catpillers," introduced the world's thinnest smart smartphone, Outdoor X.

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