Director Nikita Mikhalkov suggested that not all information be reported to Vladimir Putin


So, at least, he said in an interview with blogger Yuri Dudiu.

Mikhalkov answered Dudya's question about what he disagreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin and whether he was guilty of several wrong decisions. For this, the director, as follows from recording the VDud program on the YouTube channel of the same name, said he did not agree with education reform and his appointment to the position of the Ministry of Emergency Situations six years ago, former department head Vladimir Puchkov. At the same time, Mikhalkov noted that it was wrong to impose all the mistakes on Putin, and some strength from his inner circle did not give him all the information.

Commenting on this statement, "Echo of Moscow", the president's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that Putin had all information from various sources.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Yuri Duda, Mikhalkov also said that his friendship with Putin began even before his presidency and expressed the opinion that he could not be forgiven if he did not bring a replacement.

Nikita Mikhalkov during this year's presidential election was a trusted person of Vladimir Putin.


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