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Breakpoint is an extraordinary vinaigrette. Reviews / Games

Publisher in RussiaUbisoft
The developerUbisoft
Minimum requirementsIntel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics cards with DirectX 11 and 2 or 3 GB memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 280X, 50 GB per hard drive, internet connection and Uplay accounts
Recommended RequirementsIntel Core i7-6700K 4.0 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 6 or 8 GB memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480
Release dateOctober 4, 2019
Age QualificationsThan 18 years
PlatformPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

Game tested on PS4

The problems of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands are not so difficult to solve: filling the open world with events, emphasizing more plots, increasing the artificial intelligence of teammates and opponents, and fixing some minor weaknesses. Then it will be a perfect sequel, as Ubisoft can do, where almost everything is only possible for the second time. However, in the case of Breakpoint, the developers not only went the other way, but tried to incorporate all the mechanisms previously encountered in French company projects into the game.

⇡ #Haunted fashion

For some reason, they decided to make a new Ghost Recon according to The Division's template, and because of that colorful objects fell from the defeated enemy, as reported by a ray of light crawling out from under the ground. Green, blue, purple, gold – you have to take objects every time, and each time their image occupies almost a quarter of the screen. They wear helmets that are strong from the fifth level – in ten minutes it can be thrown away, because the hollow lid of the seventh level is much stronger, and the overall strength indicator will increase.

Your face when a breakpoint passes and you can delete it

Your face when a breakpoint passes and you can delete it

The appearance of your hero can be configured in a separate menu, after which only the equipment you choose will be displayed there (and not the famous perforated lid). Therefore, the trophy system becomes increasingly meaningless – just find something at a high level, open your inventory, complete it, and close your inventory. The item has several characteristics, but you will not see an increase in endurance of 2% and damage to the drone by 1% during the game, so there is no need to look at this description.

On one hand, Wildlands enters the "marksman" area where you increase your strength by searching for the best equipment, and on the other hand, this allows you to kill surviving enemies by hitting the head. It doesn't matter if level 1 is a hostile warrior or 150th – absolutely everyone will die after the first headshot. Or two if the target is wearing a helmet. The problem only arises in battles with drones that don't have critical vulnerabilities. In their case, the battle between a low-level player and a powerful robot might not end with the first victory, unless he was prepared to suffer a very long time with him, causing ridiculous damage.

It seems rather trivial – open the menu and change clothes, what's so complicated? And the difficulties related to weapons, which also continue to improve. Of course, you can turn your machine into a rifle just because of their level, but most players might prefer not to part with their favorite weapons. To do this, you need to find a blueprint somewhere, and then every time you open a shop (either fly to the base, or do it through a detachment camp, which is easier) and spend money to get the exact same weapon, only with more levels high. All the modifications you install, including the enlarged clip, will fly safely, and when you forget to install it again, you ask yourself who is to blame – yourself or the developer who created such a crazy system.

As in other similar games, you don't have time to remove exclamation points and warnings

As in other similar games, you don't have time to remove exclamation points and warnings

⇡ #The stars don't agree

And fine, the mission design will somehow change depending on the strength of character, but it's not – it remains exactly the same as its development. You get an assignment, the first stage that has to be done five or ten kilometers from your location. Come over There you begin to gather information: interrogating ordinary residents or wounded guards, studying computers, and a few sheets of paper. Then again you go somewhere, there you do the same thing, and this can be repeated three or four times. There will be (seemingly) important characters for the plot, in dialogue you can choose answers that don't affect anything, but all of this is conveyed so you don't even want to listen to empty boltology. In the end, you drive, fly and shoot – it's all fun.

Breakpoint is not far from its predecessor in terms of plot, but in some cases it turns out worse. You begin to pay attention to the story only when the character John Bernthal appears on the screen – the actor really tries to make the character memorable. However, all of Bernthal's works were crossed out by the low level of dialogue, history and presentation – the heroes uttered superficiality, nothing really happened, the characters remained in one place in the advertisement and talked while the camera jumped between two angles. Additionally, replicas in the English version all the time stop for a second before the character completes the sentence.

As a result, Breakpoint can only remain for the sake of the game process, periodically producing interesting situations. As you run to the next target, enemy helicopters may fly overhead – you must fall to the ground and disguise yourself. Then, from the same situation, you will kill unsuspecting guards, having previously studied the environment with the help of a drone that marks everything. Secretly and unobtrusive shooting the head of a rifle with a silencer is funny, especially if this is one of the dangerous areas where the enemy seems to be much stronger than you. Right, the robot can fly and damage everything, so you have to seek protection first.

Billions of questions on the map can be learned using drones

Billions of questions on the map can be learned using drones

However, Ghost Recon from its name can be driven away altogether. Of course, if you play in a kind of ultra-hardcore mode, turning off the interface and complicating your tasks, then you must remain secret. At an average level of complexity, this is unnecessary – it is much easier and faster to fly to the base by helicopter and shoot everyone, and then quickly deal with weak reinforcements, arrivals that you sometimes don't realize. But how fun shooting simultaneously in the old games of this series, eh!

And you should always clean the location, because it is full of collections, crates and other unchanged rubbish from Ubisoft. Somewhere hidden modifications, somewhere there is a picture, in many cases things find better than those worn by the current character. You can talk with some ordinary residents by asking where to find the goods. The girl who works in the office will be happy to tell you where the silencer or the gun is. This is absurd and meaningless, but this is how the whole game can be characterized, so that such a trivial matter does not raise questions.

⇡ #Survive without surviving

To completely not copy The Division, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and other games of his own, Ubisoft decided to add elements from the rescue simulator. However, it seems they are implemented solely to make a list of more features in the game description. The character's stamina decreases with time, he must drink water, collect it from the reservoir! Not really, endurance drops by 10 percent, and with the help of passive skills can significantly increase. The character in the crossfire can get hurt, he will need medical help! No, he only took one slice of the health scale, he began to limp, but the endless bandages will fix everything in five seconds.

This is embarrassing for Berntal - agreeing to participate in such a weak project

This is embarrassing for Berntal – agreeing to participate in such a weak project

In addition, the game has what is called a "difficult landscape" – on different surfaces the hero somehow moves in a special way. And if snow and water slow down it looks normal, then the ability to go down the slope only causes laughter – it takes three steps and has begun to roll around. And the animation is made crooked so that the decline process becomes a big top. It's easier not to suffer and ride a helicopter. In general, there is no normal survival here – there are only ideas whose implementation is paralyzed on both legs.

Maybe Ubisoft doesn't have enough time – many things in the game show this, especially the interface. The menu with its tasks is as if trying to make it as comfortable as possible, it's just a collection of photos and pictures where the devil will break his legs. The minimap constantly disappears along with the rest of the interface – this can be disabled in the settings, but why doesn't it start normally normally? There is also a management claim – the heralded innovative adaptive collection system somehow works, you never know whether the character "sticks" to the drawer or can't lean on when aiming.

Bugs, which are in other Ubisoft games that I don't usually see too often, in Breakpoint are an incredible number. Either the black screen instead of the menu, the task is not updated, so you have to restart from the last save, then you cannot interact with the object. But the most annoying performance problem. The central base where the main character lives analogue of the tower from Destiny with other players running back and forth. There is no point in these users, but because of them the frame rate also drops, and the characters you need to talk to can load only ten seconds after your arrival at the "office".

Before going on a mission, in the camp, you can increase your stamina and other characteristics

Before going on a mission, in the camp, you can increase your stamina and other characteristics


Breakpoints resemble the Ubisoft game parody, not a complete new publishing project. It's as if someone decided to make a joke and put one element in the Ghost Recon element, and the components of The Division, and a pinch of "Assassins", and then spice things up with a mountain of micro transactions – they, by the way, don't affect much things, but that alone looks just as funny on the menu.

The developers clearly don't understand what they want to do. Breakpoints, it seems, were created by bosses who visit the office every month and ask: "Can this be added? How about this? But this is here?" – and it all ends there. One day, after a pile of patches, Breakpoint will become a game that can You don't need to worry about this – the novelty is far more likely to come out of permanent embarrassment than the National Anthem, but so far it will hoard along with the latest BioWare "masterpiece".

The advantage:

  • some interesting mechanics, even if they are not implemented perfectly;
  • likes to shoot heads, especially at high level locations;
  • in a cooperative you can enjoy cleaning up bases and outposts.


  • incompatible multi-color equipment system;
  • Monotonous missions make you move across the entire map (rather large!);
  • the plot is boring to follow;
  • elements of a survival simulator do not affect gameplay in any way;
  • lots of bugs, shortcomings and shortcomings;
  • central location with other players is not needed and only annoying.


Sometimes the game looks so cool that I want to take screenshots, and sometimes the texture doesn't have time to load. It's the same with people – some people are portrayed perfectly, it's scary to see others.


The actors in the English version are chosen not the most successful – some don't even know how to play. Plus, their replicas are often interrupted. And the music … Yes, something can sometimes be heard, it seems, and the composition is not the worst.

Single player

When playing alone, you will be alone, bots will be added later. Difficulties might not arise, it's just that it will quickly become boring. And you will get writing that blinks in the corner, inviting you to invite friends.

Collective game

It is best to consider the game as a cooperative GTA, where you fly to the base by helicopter, destroy everything, shoot everyone, and blow it all up. To play the role of operative saboteurs and to make synchronous shots dismal, because the game does not provide rewards in any way.

General impression

Vinaigrettes of ideas that are completely unrelated to each other. Ubisoft had every chance to make a perfect Wildlands sequel, but instead he created a kind of monster.

Rating: 4.0 / 10

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