Saturday , May 8 2021

Ani Lorak dances sexy dance: video

Ani Lorak has published a video in which tempting dances dance.

Sexual publications rarely appear on Ani Lorak's page. The singer did not post pictures in her underwear, showing rare photos in swimsuits and not posing for frames in tempting poses. Therefore, when Ani posted a video with a very interesting dance on her page, fans began to actively comment on it.

In the video, the artist with a brilliant silver dress with a high slit in his leg danced to a seductive dance, moving to music. Karolina signed the dance for a moment: "Stay here and now. Feel the music inside you". In comments, fans began to praise the actress for plasticity, even though it was not without criticism – for some, the singer's movements seemed too erotic.

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Photo: Ani Lorak Instagram

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