Friday , February 26 2021

Anastasia Volochkova fell to the stage

Despite his suffering, the dancer was able to continue his appearance.

Anastasia Volochkova always shares with fans farewell photos and famous videos from practice. But lately, this has increasingly enabled fans to enter their personal lives. The artist recently shared the good news: his father, paralyzed after a stroke, could rise from a wheelchair! But after Volochkov was disappointed: a civilian partner and stepchild of his father caused parents' apartments to be damaged – ballerinas had to evict them and invest in repairs.

One day in a concert with Anastasia there was another unpleasant incident. Spectators from the audience present the artist with a bouquet of flowers. Receiving a gift, Volochkova decided to embrace and warmly thanked the woman, because this she sat and bent towards her from the stage. And then, going up, unable to maintain balance, stepped on the long edge of the dress. "The pain was wild and I was very scared. I can climb, climb this climb. I was touched by the support of the entire room. Speaking of thank you, I am afraid that I cannot continue the concert. But I was saved by positivity, faith and will, "the dancer shared.

From the tingling situation, the blonde comes out with humor, acknowledging to the audience that it is happiness to fall from a burden like flowers, microphones, and love of the audience. Volochkova successfully completed her speech and received more support from the public. Actresses and fans on social networks cheered: "Nastya, you're done!"; "The main thing is to come out with dignity from a complicated situation, which you do"; "I'm glad you, Nastya, are tough freaks."

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