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15 years younger: Ani Lorak shows a new lover (photo)


Famous singer Ani Lorak after a harsh divorce from her husband and father Murat Nalchadzhioglu showed the face of her new lover to fans for the first time.

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Ani Lorak is interested in stories about new life.

With his posting on Instagram, he confirmed rumors about the novel with Black Star sound producer Yegor Gleb, who was 15 years younger. A close friend of Russian singer Egor Creed is not a frequent user of social networking, but, according to old records on the Ask.fm platform, one can determine that he is around 26 years old.

Yegor Gleb was a Ukrainian, before moving to Moscow he lived in Kiev. According to his friend Creed, together they created the hit song.

In comments on the photo, fans congratulated the newly printed couple, but there were also those who were disappointed with Lorac's choice. And the most frequently asked question is "Where is Lazarev?" Note that Lorak also linked a secret affair with Russian singer Sergey Lazarev.

Previously it was reported that Ani Lorak touched a family photo fan. And Natasha Koroleva's naked husband surprised the public.

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