Yagith Badu Shabwa Red Crescent from Yemen with 11 tons of food – UAE News


The UAE Red Crescent Society distributed 11 tons of food and commodities to travelers in the Al Baqtaiba district in the district of Marakha Bawah and Thuba in the Al-Aram city of Habban district in Shabwa, which benefits more than 2,000 Yemenis.

The UAE Red Crescent Society continues to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to Yemeni families in Shabwa governorate, especially in remote areas, and the most urgent need is to alleviate the suffering of the people because of the difficult human conditions they experienced as a result of the war.

The amount of food baskets distributed to the Shabwa governorate population since the beginning of 2018 is 43,622 thousand, benefiting more than 265,639,000 Yemenis.

On the other hand, the UAE Red Crescent Society continues to carry out a series of humanitarian, development and service activities in Yemen that contribute to providing a safe and healthy environment for Yemeni people of brotherhood as part of ongoing efforts to preserve the beauty of the liberated city and governorate. And prevent the spread.

In this context, the UAE Red Crescent Authority launched a public cleansing campaign in the Al-Ma & # 39; afer Directorate in Taiz Province, Yemen, with the participation of a large number of Yemenis, where tons of accumulated waste was extracted and transported from Al-roads Nashma, Dan stressed the importance of maintaining a safe environment and reducing the spread of epidemics.

"The inauguration of the public hygiene campaign made a major contribution to highlighting the aesthetic aspects of Taiz and its directorates. General cleaning of roads and cities is an important pillar in the fight against epidemics and diseases that are usually spread by waste accumulated for a long time in the environment and roads the way, "said Taiz.

For its part, the commander of 35 Armored Brigades, Brigadier General Adnan Al-Hammadi, during his participation in the community cleansing campaign, said that the adoption of the UAE Red Crescent cleaning campaign was a qualitative step that was a shift for the service sector, mainly because most government sectors were governor, including cleanliness, In the past due to lack of financial resources.


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