X-ray artists reveal the essence of things at an exhibition in the UK


LONDON (Reuters) – X-rays of people and objects used in everyday life are displayed at a new exhibition in England where visitors can see photographers and artists Nikki Vesi working.

The Proces exhibition opened in Kent, southern England this month, featuring Visey X-ray photos of humans, cars, handbags, cameras and clothing.


The exhibition features an X-ray room where Vissi, 56, works on his artwork, allowing visitors to enjoy the creative process.

"My work is a message to the surface," Vissi said. "This shows how things are made and what they actually do," he said, adding that he did not make changes to his image with electronic programs such as Photoshop.

Vise uses sophisticated x-ray cameras, which produce images that compel viewers to reevaluate their perceptions of objects and objects.

The current exhibition is dedicated to Vissi's work, but he plans to showcase the works of other artists, especially those who adopt alternative approaches to how art works.



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