Saturday , May 8 2021

The Paris Saint Germain star chose to move to Barcelona next season!

France international Adrian Rabio took the Paris Saint-Germain team's final decision on his future with the capital team and files to renew his contract and stay inside the modern prince castle.

Spain's Mundo Deportivo, close to the wall of the Camp Nou, said that PSG midfielder Adrian Rabio had decided to leave the team next summer.

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The newspaper revealed that Rabio decided not to renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and move to the ranks of Barcelona in the Spanish season next season.

The Frenchman told the Catalan management about his final decision that he wanted to wear the Blaugrana uniform starting next season and will move to the team on a free transfer.

Al Barsa officials are confident that they will be able to get service from PSG players next summer, despite intensive efforts by the Paris Club to complete the player update file and get his signature on a new contract.

Saint-Germain continues its efforts and efforts to persuade the French jewel to stay at Parque de la Princes and not go to the Spanish League at the end of the season, but the player has thwarted those hopes and dreams so far.

Barca's negotiations with current players are illegal, but he will be able to sit with the player starting in January at the start of the new year and get his signature if he wants to complete the deal significantly.

Rabio has decided not to negotiate with other clubs he wants to serve, with a strong desire to play with Argentine legend Lionel Messi in the Blaugrana shirt.

Rabiu's agreement will be the best response from the Catalan club to Qatari billionaire Nasser Al-Khulaifi, Paris club president, who kidnapped Brazil's Neymar Dasilva from the heart of Camp Nou in a high-profile deal next summer.

Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain on the most expensive deal in football history and was worth 222 million euros with a penalty clause in contract witches.

Barcelona's management is considering overthrowing a number of players who did not make a difference with the team in the last period and through sales if the right offer was for it.

Albersa is thinking of selling Brazilian Ravenna Alcantara, who is not particularly involved with the team, while manager Ernesto Valverde sees it as one of the factors that can provide more for the league in the coming period.

The club is also considering the sale of midfielder Denis Suarez, who has not yet exited Ernesto Valverde's account and is no longer dependent on the match.

Suarez is one of Barca's talents, but he doesn't get a chance, which has made the team think of selling it, especially since the club is already approaching the winter transfer period and requires material liquidity to provide elements that support the team in the future.

Barca Brazilian midfielder Thomas Vermaelen is no longer required to leave the club at the end of his contract in June 2019. It is also not clear that Mounir El Hadadi, who will sign his contract in June 2019, wants to secure the presence of players to benefit from the sale. In the future.

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