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The Iraqi president promised to protect diversity and promote tolerance in the country

Latest News – Iraqi President Barham Saleh promises to protect diversity and promote tolerance in the country, stressing that it has been a priority since the Iraqi presidency.

President Saleh today accepted at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, Cardinal Mulia Mar Luis Rofael I Sacco, Patriarch of the Patriarch in the world and delegation of the Eastern Catholic Patriarch, the Alsumaria News news agency reported on Wednesday.

"The principle of citizenship is what makes everyone live in a country where everyone is a citizen regardless of their cultural, religious and intellectual identity, and therefore none of us needs expressions of minority and majority," said the statement quoted by Saleh.

The Iraqi president told visiting visiting delegates that he "does not deal with Christians or other components on the basis of minorities, but believes that Iraqi constituents are an inherent and equal component of rights and obligations and that guardianship of the Iraqi constitution will protect diversity and promote spirit of tolerance and coexistence through work. To achieve true national reconciliation. "

"Iraqi Christians are interested in the stability, security and progress of the country, and they want to overcome the problems they face by passing all Iraqis with the diversity of their problems in the process of nation building," Cardinal Mar Luis Rafael Sacco said.

Cardinal Sacco expressed his hope "to immediately resolve the formation of the government to secure the construction requirements in the economy, security and service and the establishment of an appropriate country for the Iraqi people."

Thursday, November 29 2018 (translated from Arabic) The Iraqi President promised to protect diversity and spread the spirit of tolerance in this country. The responsibility of the news and its validity for the original publisher is the gate of the sunrise.

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