The frequency of the 2019 MBC channel on all satellites and send to the most important programs at this time


Frequency of MBC channels On Arabsat and Nilesat, one of the most important and most sought-after satellite channels in the Arab world, the MBC channel group is one of the most famous channel groups in the Arab world because it contains a large number of different channels to give viewers everything they are looking for. Of course, to make the MBC channel frequency always from the first frequency that all viewers want in the Arab world.

Here we show you the MBC channel frequency all according to the latest update this month, we show you the new MBC channel frequency, we also offer MBC action channel frequency MBC actions, in addition to the MBC Max MBC max frequency channel, MBC3 for children, MBC2 film foreign channel frequency, MBC4 channel frequency with the latest updates, we also offer MBC channel frequency from Indian channel channel Bollywood channels.

As mentioned earlier, the MBC channel contains a large number of channels that cover all the areas that viewers are looking for, which makes it one of the most famous channel groups in the world. Following is the list of MBC MBC channel frequencies. All in accordance with the latest updates received on the channel's official website.

Frequency of MBC MBC channels

Month Frequency Polarization Error coefficient Coding level
NileSat 11470 Vertical 5/6 27500
Arabic Sat 11270 Vertical 5/6 27500

MBC Channel MBC is the parent channel of the MBC channel group. Channel frequency is one of the most popular MBC channels. This channel is famous for the display of translated foreign films, which makes it always one of the most important entertainment facilities for Saudi and Arab viewers in general. Mbc channels MBC to stay on top of the frequency that is interested in foreign films and that is why the channel can offer new movies and movies on the screen.

Frequency of MBC action channels on Nilesat and Arab Sat

Industrial Coating Correction coefficient and coding rate Pole Frequency
Arabic Sat 27500 5/6 Vertical 12284
Arabic Sat 27500 5/6 Vertical 11270
NileSat 27500 5/6 Vertical 11476
NileSat 27500 5/6 Vertical 11470

The MBC Action Channel has specialized in the introduction of foreign films and action films, and then content on the channel has grown to be interested in providing free wrestling programs and sports programs for football. Today's racing program, the terrible variation that is always displayed on MBC Action puts the frequency of action interesting for viewers. The frequency of the MBC channel bound to be one of the most important channel frequencies. As mentioned earlier, we provide a large difference in the set of MBC channels from the other Channels, and MBC Action will offer a number of the most important foreign films and series on January 16 and them.

  • Broken Skull Ranch Challenge by Steve Austin
  • eSPEED
  • Almost Human
  • Encouraged
  • Transformer

MBC Max MBC max channel frequency on Nilesat and Arabsat

Month Frequency Pole Correction coefficient
NileSat 11938 V 3/4
Arabic Sat
11919 v 3/4

The MBC channel frequency contains many frequencies that are interested in foreign films, most notably from the MBC Max frequency frequency channel on Arabsat, a channel that specializes in screening foreign films only after being translated into simple Arabic, and this channel offers the latest films and the latest by providing several technical programs that include several events related to global cinema.

One of the most important films to display on the frequency of MBSM is January 20

  • Barbershop
  • Burn After Reading
  • Barbershop: A Fresh Cut
  • The Brothers Bloom
  • Film & Stars
  • Proof of Death
  • Last Stand
  • Dredd

Channel frequency of Mbc3 mbc3 for children

Channel frequency Satellite Correction coefficient Pole Coding level
11938 NileSat 3/4 My head 27500
11919 Arabic Sat 3/4 Horizontal 27500

The MBC channel is not only interested in adults, films and various programs, but children have a lot of interest in what is shown on the MBC channel. This interest is evident because MBC3 offers children's films, children's programs, and more. Entertainment programs, the MBC3 channel frequency is able to distinguish from many children's channels because of the best cartoon films ever.

Mbc2 channel frequency

Frequency Channel Satellite Pole Coding
11470 mbc 2 NileSat Vertical 27500

Interest in foreign films did not stop at the previous channel's limits, but the MBC channel frequency also contained one of the most important foreign films on the Arabsat and Hwa MBC2 NileSat and Hwa frequency channels, which specialize in the presentation of Hollywood films around the world, this Sunday , a number of major foreign films, including X-Men: First Class and Looper, also display the Dilemma.

Mbc4 channel frequency

Month Frequency Polarization FEC
NileSat 11938 V 3/4

One of the most prominent frequencies of the MBC channel MBC HUA MBC4 frequency channel is because it is a comprehensive and diverse channel that offers a variety of programs that appeal to many communities, where channels show Arabic series and Gulf series and programs and programs and technical programs also offering entertainment and comedy programs, all of these programs are provided The frequency of the MBC4 channel increases the frequency of the MBC channel always has many opportunities for viewers to appear.

The current MBC 4 program

Mbc4 currently offers a series of programs and special series, the most important of which is the music program "The Voice Kids". The channel also features the "Herbana" series and the comedy series "The Gift of the Crow Man." The channel also presents the "World of Glamor" program, which aims to showcase the best-selling products in the Arab world. The prices and the latest details of each commodity, these great programs have succeeded in providing the MBC channel frequency a huge advantage over other frequencies in the Middle East.

The MBC 4 channel is currently in the second part of the prestige series, featuring a series every day at 9pm and being repeated at 5pm every day.

Frequency of the Bollywood MBC channel for Indian films

Frequency Satellite Pole Correction coefficient
11938 NileSat Horizontal 5/6

Indian films also have a large MBC MBC frequency on all satellites, this is done by members of the MBC channel group for special channels only in Indian films, MBC Bollywood, which deals with everything related to Indian cinema, MBC Bollywood is expected to feature several films India's most important today, including Agneepath, Bhot Returns, Ghajini and Bewakoofiyaan. These feature films always make viewers' interest on the MBC channel a priority. MBC Bollywood shows a number of series films and Yeh films today through that frequency

  • Guddu Rangeela
  • Happy New Year
  • Dil Se
  • Get a look
  • Any Body Can Dance 2
  • Vinglish English
  • Blue
  • Once upon a time in Mumbaai

MBC drama MBC channel frequency drama

One of the most important factors in the spread of the MBC channel in the Arab world as the channel frequency of the MBC drama series, the MBC channel as we mentioned is always interested in diversity and choosing several areas to get different audiences from viewers, and now we talk about the frequency channel MBC, which specializes in the Gulf and Egypt series, the MBC drama channel is the only channel in the MBC channel that specializes in this field specifically, because the channel only offers Arabic series 24 hours a day, and the following table you can study the frequency of drama channels MBC complies with its latest update on the official MBC channel site.

Channel Satellite Pole Frequency Correction coefficient
MBC drama NileSat V 11938 3/4
MBC drama NileSat V 11470 5/6

MBC Series Drama

MBC always enhances its chosen drama in the series on the screen, to maintain its position status and capacity among satellite channels, Ed currently displays the frequency of the MBC series drama from some of the most important Egyptian and Arabic series, the series also offers a series of suspicions above artist Yousra , and also offers the Samarkand series and a series of all-time love, as well as channels showing the Egyptian comedy series in Alaland.

We have previously shown the frequency of all MBC channels on all satellites, giving our followers a brief overview of the content of each channel, and we are happy to accept all questions and comments about this.


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