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The first official response from Khatib to the statement was to postpone the league match

Al-Ahli thanked the security authorities and the Minister of Sports for their intervention to resolve the crisis

Malek Ahmed

October 23, 2019

Mahmoud Al Khatib, President of the Al Ahli Club, revealed the red administrative position, from a recent statement from a five-member committee in charge of the management of the Football Federation, led by Amr Al-Janaini, to postpone the Premier League match to the African Cup under 23 years are eligible for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as well as efforts that Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, has undertaken to resolve the recent crisis between the Red Fort and the mountain.

The last few hours witnessed a major crisis between Al-Ahli and the Football Association, due to the postponement of the summit between the two poles scheduled last Saturday, indefinitely, based on safety instructions, where Al-Ahmar announced that there were no matches in the local competition before playing at the summit, which called for Minister Ashraf Sobhi, who had a meeting with Khatib and his council at the president's house, to intervene and try to reach a solution that satisfies all parties, before Jabaliya's latest statement.

At the start of his statement in which he announced his club's position, Mahmoud Al-Khatib was very grateful to Ashraf Sobhi and several high-level security leaders for honoring his home and putting in a lot of effort and time to find solutions to the consequences of postponing the top match. The security leaders and their concern for the public interest, and appreciation for the National Club and clarifying pictures, and revealing many scenes for postponing the Zamalek match, far from the errors that have been reported in several media, show that he understands the security situation and vision that causes the game delay .

Al-Ahli said that he welcomed the proposal submitted by the Minister of Youth and Sports in view of the ongoing discussion, and changed the data regarding Al-Ahli's decision and previous bloggers in his statement not to play any matches in the league championship before the summit, adding that there was appreciation by Al-Ahli for the benefit of the country. First, and to eliminate the reasons for the club's position, and what was stated in his final statement.

Khatib revealed that the proposed solution at the end of the session with ministers and security leaders, was to postpone league matches until after the African Nations Championship under 23 years and that the ministers to consult with security authorities and the Provisional Committee of the Football Federation, to determine the security date suitable for the top match and coordination with both clubs. .

The Chief Expert said: "In view of this, the Football Federation announced a tentative date for the match between Al-Ahli and Zamalek without specifying the date of the meeting and stadium to be held, which would be resolved later, so it was necessary for the Expert and his board of directors in the interest of the country, especially because of the great concern.Sincere leadership in the Country to eliminate all doubts about matters related to postponing the top match, and the great efforts of the Minister, as a statesman, work in the interests of his country and respect the value of the Al-Club Club and its permanent bias towards the country and the problems.

Bebo continued: "The vision of security is respected and prestige, and therefore no one should speak on behalf of the security agent, and if there is a need to speak it must be in a confined space and not through the media, because it is illogical to announce game delays in the middle of the night , and to be notified of the party ten minutes before the release of the statement without dialogue or clarification or coordination with the parties at the meeting, especially since there is no reason to hurry and announce the decision to postpone at night.

He also asked Al Ahli to set a specific date for league competition, where he said: "The Football Federation must ensure that the competition schedule date is set at the stadium set without offering or postponing or changing matches for justice and better stability between competing clubs. , and more importantly, this will contribute to improving the technical level of players in all clubs, which helps the team's technical staff to choose the best elements to represent Egypt in international forums.

Al-Khatib stressed that he hoped that the deadline for holding the match would be set in an appropriate manner in accordance with agreed consultations and that there would be an initial coordination with all relevant parties so as not to repeat what was happening, stressing his request that the Football Federation support the club, and liaising between all parties on the front lines of the security authorities to restore full public presence in the game to enrich technical and marketing football competitions.

Turning to arbitration, the president said: "We must support the Egyptian authorities and develop their technical level through programs and camps, and get money according to their efforts, and the responsibilities they bear, and at the same time must work to accelerate the application of VAR technology to help referees avoid mistakes in matches like in the European league. "

Al-Khatib referred to Al-Ahli's request in an earlier statement related to the work organization in the federation, where he said: "We must activate the role of the committee in the Football Federation, especially the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee to maintain the stability of the competition and stop all irregularities, especially when Al-Ahli filed three official complaints "Al-Ahli is still awaiting a decision on these complaints."

Al-Khatib also asked Jabaliya to notify clubs of the list of sanctions they applied when applying penalties to inform them and to inform all elements of the game to avoid excess, and at the same time there were penalties among all sanctions ever issued, showing that all masses must join together. Al-Ahly fans will continue to support the club's sports teams in all competitions to continue the journey of achievement and tournament at all levels.

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