Thursday , May 6 2021

Sultan Al Qasimi marks the launch of the conference "Pharmacology" and "Emirates – German Medicine"

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, President of the University of Sharjah, yesterday inaugurated the Second International Conference on Pharmacy and Medicine and the 6th UAE-Germany Medical Conference, which will take place from November 18 to 21 at the College Theater. Medical Center, University of Sharjah, with 130 participants, 50 researchers and lecturers from 30 countries.

Dr. Hamid Majul Al Nuaimi, Director of the University of Sharjah, delivered a speech in which he thanked and thanked His Majesty, the Ruler of Sharjah for sponsoring events from two international conferences, noting that the University of Sharjah held a second international conference at the pharmacy, the Sixth German- Germany in medicine together and at the same time, is actually a natural result of scientific status which has become the University of Sharjah as a scientific breakthrough in the global outlook in the fields of teaching, learning and scientific research.

Al-Nuaimi said that the University of Sharjah had achieved a number of scientific achievements in the framework of the direction of His Holiness the Ruler of Sharjah to improve its position in a global view, including winning the World Bank Islamic Research Award. The project is funded by the World Islamic Development Bank (WIBC) with a value of US $ 1.2 million. The research is focused on discovering new and unique medicines worldwide to combat and combat known antimicrobial bacteria. And that is right.

Al-Nuaimi pointed out that the drug discovery and design group at the Institute of Medical Research at the University of Sharjah received 33% of scientific research funded by the Al-Jalila Foundation for researchers at UAE universities to finance 6 very important scientific studies by scientists and specialists at the University of Sharjah. AED.

Dr. Qutaiba Hamid, Deputy Director of the University of Sharjah for the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, pointed out that the Second International Conference on Pharmacy and Medicine and the 6th German-American Medical Conference highlighted the latest developments in modern medicine in clinical medicine, medical research, Pharmacy, and Nursing.

During the ceremony, a short film was presented showing the efforts of Sharjah University in the fields of medicine and pharmacy and the great interests of His Majesty the Ruler of Sharjah, President of the University of Sharjah, which resulted in the establishment of this international medical conference.

His Holiness the Ruler of Sharjah welcomed the awards of the participants in the success of the two conferences. Noble also received a warning shield presented by Professor Nicola Abu Tara, Advisor to the Department of Health, Hamburg Hospital, Germany.

His Holiness the Ruler of Sharjah visited the exhibition that accompanied the two conferences. During his tour, he visited the wings of agencies participating in the latest modern equipment in various fields of medicine and medical and therapeutic institutions in the fields of medical care and care. He also toured the latest pharmaceutical science and production program pavilion of international pharmaceutical companies working in the fields of pharmaceutical production and scientific research.

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