Friday , February 26 2021

Sheikh Zayed instills in us tolerance values ​​as a high moral virtue – Best Dubai

Abu Dhabi, November 15 (WAM) – His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Hamed,
The head of the Health Department in Abu Dhabi said the UAE had become a degree of tolerance
And role models among countries in peaceful coexistence and other acceptance are based on their behavior
The footsteps and vision of the late founder of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan
The Most High God, who instills in us values ​​of tolerance as the highest moral virtues and fundamental principles
We are driven by Islam.

"Our leadership believes," he said in a statement on the occasion of World Day for Tolerance
It is clear that high ethics is the highest standard in countries
This has ensured that tolerance is an established lifestyle and method of action adopted by the State
And work to build among their children to become a feature inherent in UAE society. "

He added that more than 200 nationalities living on state land were under the umbrella
Tolerance and coexistence are surrounded by the welfare and welfare of the country
… is the second home that embraces them and gives them the opportunity to achieve them
Ambitions and dreams until they see that the country's success is their success and resolution
That is their pride.

"Today the world celebrates World Tolerance Day when we celebrate a country
The UAE is a deep-rooted and deeply rooted approach in the UAE
Planted by Sheikh Zayed and appeared clearly in everything they did. "

WAM / Khatun al-Nowais / Abdel-Nasser Menem

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