Scientists discovered the cause of twinning



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Most often, twins are born in Africa, and in Asian countries – less often. In Russia, twin births are only more than one percent. In what depends on whether identical twins can be distinguished, we discuss this in this article.

Diet + gen = twins:

Scientists believe there are genetics that lead to twin births. As found by British geneticists, multiple pregnancies can be associated with the IGF1 gene, and more precisely the growth factor proteins such as insulin. These proteins regulate growth, development and differentiation between cells and tissues in the body.

The researchers analyzed data about the weight of nearly two thousand newborns – not twins. It turned out that those who gave birth to their twin mothers weighed more. If one child is born after twins, the average weight is 226 grams compared to other children. Those born before twins – 134 grams. All mothers who have twins have high levels of IGF1.

This protein participates in fetal growth and thus affects the weight of the newborn. In addition, IGF-1 stimulates egg production in women, contributing to multiple pregnancies.

A woman born into a twin family is more likely to have twins if she follows a certain diet correctly. According to the work of American doctor Herri Steinman, the possibility of the birth of women who release milk products is fully five times less than those who eat everything and plants that take milk.

The problem is once again in growth factors that are similar to insulin 1. In vegetarians, the level is much lower, emphasizing these statistics – countries that usually consume a lot of dairy products – where the birth of twins is usually more.

There is no way out:

The identical twins have the same group of genes, using normal DNA analysis, it is almost impossible to distinguish between their biological samples (blood, saliva, hair). This causes problems when investigating crime.

US criminal scientists overcome this problem by developing methods based on genetic DNA replication. Throughout life, small chemical markers appear on DNA (called GMO factors). These are not mutations, they do not change the structure of the genome, but they affect the activity of certain genes in the cells and tissues of the body. These signs – come as a result of new habits, fatigue, anxiety, lifestyle changes.


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