News of Egypt: «Trap» .. Mahmoud Bassiouni reveals the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and «human rights»


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In the January issue of "The Book of the Crescent," Dar Al-Hilal published the book "The Trap" by Mahmoud Bassiouni, editor of the Mubtada website, which revealed how to infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood into human rights organizations. The middle East.

This book examines the "trap" process, where the countries of the Arab Spring took place, and how it began several years earlier along with the fall of Baghdad, talking about the new Middle East, the emergence of the political role of human rights organizations, and exploitation Brotherhood against aging Arab regimes. For the occurrence of Arab countries in the grip of terrorism and chaos, and investment flight, and disruption of development in those countries, some of them enter dark tunnels.

The first book, titled "How did the Brotherhood infiltrate human rights organizations?", The second book is titled "Anarchism, Brotherhood and Da'Ad", and the third book is titled "Human Rights Organizations, Politicization and Foreign Funding".

The first chapter discusses ambiguous relations between human rights organizations and the main intelligence agencies in the world, such as American and British intelligence, and how human rights have become a tool of political pressure on Egypt and Middle Eastern countries and their involvement in providing false information about human rights conditions, this also raises questions about the impact of political money on it, and is it channeled by countries that support terrorism like Qatar? ..

In the second chapter, this book documents the emergence of the concept of anarchism around activists before and after January 25, and how terrorist groups exploit it to recruit and control the minds of young people. What mistake did this organization make in dealing with terrorist activities, and how terrorist groups exploited the crime of "enforced disappearance" in covering the accession of Muslim Brotherhood members and extremist groups to the ranks of terrorist organizations and how intellectuals of the world began to move to stop manipulating the concept of human rights .

The third chapter discusses the crisis of Egyptian human rights organizations, the subordination of the human rights movement to the political background of the founders of these organizations, and the danger of dependence on foreign financing.

This book reveals the subtle infiltration methods successfully carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood in major international organizations, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and their efforts to exploit international organizations and the principles of "humanitarian intervention" sponsored by the United Nations to create chaos in the Arab world as preparation to control his power.

This book emphasizes the idea of ​​proxy warfare, and that the war of this era is no longer with weapons, tanks and rockets, but war has become another weapon, such as media media, human rights organizations, media distortions and sectarian disputes to destroy them from within without firing one shot.

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