Thursday , February 27 2020
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Netflix seeks to end sharing DW's Other World passwords

Netflix and HBO for live digital broadcasts, as well as giant paid channels, have decided to fight users sharing their account passwords with others because two companies and TV channels are considering new steps to fill the loopholes that could cost billions of dollars per year.

Programmers and distributors are considering a series of technical methods to prevent people borrowing data from their friends and relatives to enter paid networks for free, according to Bloomberg News.

Possible actions include requiring customers to change their passwords periodically, or send codes to customers' phones that they must enter for further viewing.

For pay TV channels, some executives want to set rules that control the types of devices that can be used to receive broadcasts when users are outside the home.

While customers who access their accounts from a cellphone or computer will not experience problems, someone who uses a broadcast device can be considered a potential exploiter without paying the required subscription.

If none of these techniques work, paid channel customers can be asked to access their account using fingerprints.

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