My beginning with big stars made me very depressed


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Donia Abdel Aziz: My beginnings with big stars greatly delayed me, citing the Egyptian site today, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

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Artist Donia Abdul Aziz stressed that her beginning as a child no more than ten years with great artists such as: Najla Fathy, Adel Imam and Mahmoud Morsi influenced the way she thought about her choices for her role. He said in an interview to Al-Masry Al-Youm that this method caused a lot of delays but he was really sure. That the role that will not be added will not accept it as long as it is not the previous level of work. He added that his fortune on the theater monster was because he participated in many public performances, but did not imagine the Republic of Indonesia 's last play itself, which participated in the championship with Mohammed Ramadan.

And revealed the latest work is a series of family registrations, which began filming recently with director Tamer Hamza, a work included in a 45-episode long drama, and will be displayed outside of Ramadan … and text dialogues

■ Has there been Ramadan work recently?

There are no projects completed in the 2019 Ramadhan season. All that happens is only offers and no clear work, but outside the new Ramadan series is a 45 episode family obstacle directed by Tamer Hamza and starts filming.

■ What about your role in the series?

– New role, the first time I did it, and in it the proportion of evil but justified. This is new. For years, I have done this form of role, except for the series "Myth", but the role of halo in family restrictions is great darkness, but it is justified and not absolute.

■ How do you react to roles in the spiritual father series?

– The reaction is very strong because the character of the masked girl disguised as a man worries me, I ask myself whether people will believe me or not, but it is a great success, but in new episodes there is a difference between character and beauty and being raped and raped and insulted In the second part rebelled and took rights And then a love story was formed between him and Musa al-Jallad.

Will you rest or will you complete your role in Part II?

– I haven't finished in the second part and it's still there, but I don't know the fate in the next section.

You mentioned that you chose your business based on your admiration for the role. What are your criteria for choosing roles?

– The center of events and personality has value and influence even if you decide to erase the role will feel the impact even if it is significant and unreasonable and does not feel the impact will not make it because it will not be necessary I always like the role that has the main axis at work and must details and feelings of influence on people and events in addition to the whole job is strong or not.

■ I started there recently, but where have you disappeared over the past few years?

– Before the series «Dialogue Bucharest» presented the series «Ihna students» in 2011, and then the revolution and became like me, like every Egyptian sitting at home watching what happened and I was more concerned about the event than the actress and I was depressed and lost focus , To the level that encouraged me to accept, until the series «Dialog Bucharest» and then play «President of the Republic himself» and «Venus» and «myth» and «Rahim» and introduced and I do not need to be present I represent since I was 10 years Proliferation ideas I don't need it, To add, and this is my point of view throughout my life, even if the film is coming even though I'm far away I want to come back again, but when I mention the film I follow, I'm afraid to add any name to other works that don't at the same level.

■ How do you watch the upcoming Ramadan season?

– There are many works outside the Ramadan season and reach the watch and this is beneficial to the artist because the audience at the time of watching the work is more mood, for example there is a series I do not participate in «Nisiby and your division» has nothing to do with Ramadan and achieve great success in part first and second success becoming unrelated to Ramadan is only possible the Ramadhan Light is bigger, but outside of Ramadan, there are works that are successful, and Ramadan is a spoiled child because we are used to it. When I entered the series, I was small. I asked if Ramadan works. I don't know and it always has to be for Ramadan. The works offered in it do not find everything at a good level D in every month, 3 or 4 successful series, so I think that the risk of Ramadan.

■ Too late to be in the cinema Why?

– Cinema like theater and television, and I always wait for what provokes me and I like it If I tell you how much work is offered to say I'm crazy, but it won't add to me.

■ Does this cause you to delay a lot?

– Of course, my thinking and the way I have put me off, but this is my destiny, because I have become accustomed and educated since I was 10 years of thinking and a certain form of work, thought and life.

■ Have you thought about change?

– I don't know, from inside I change it, but I don't know how.

■ Do you feel that there are artists who start after you and export stars?

But I am sure that I will not know how to change if I want to change a personal composition I will be in second place, but I know that I am a good actress and the proof is that I have confidence in myself since I was young. I gained from my work with Najla Fathi, Adel Imam and Mahmoud Morsi and Nabila Obeid, all of whom are rational in their work, and this is what strengthens me and makes me confident.

■ Do you believe that there are people paralyzed in the art world?

– The length of time is there but I am very far away, and I am not against it, the idea is role, and the work is not related to human relations.

■ What is your story with theater?

When I was a kid, I worked with the theater with artist Ezzat Al-Alayli before the film «Garage» and then I played with Bossi and Hanan Turk called him «Blash Keda» and then worked with Mohamed Sobhy and Dan I also could not refuse Professor Samir's request Ghanem and Donia Samir Ghanem were named in my opinion and the Dalal artist first brought me to represent, and then I went to play to finish the season and was involved in 4 seasons Four years ago, but when I was shown on television I was not there, and also My relationship with bad theater continued in the drama «Youth Rosh Tahn» Directed by Jalal Al-Sharqawi, starring Amr Waked and Salah Abdullah, was a review and it was my dream to make reviews and succeed very well and have problems and be closed and not seen, Performing «Marsa Ayes Kursi» and completing the same position Samir Ghanem completed the drama da ripada one was filmed at the time, and presented two years, and another drama «President of the Republic itself» starring Mohammed Ramadhan was very successful but did not imagine I wasted a lot of time and years in the theater, and people did not know this But the theater most loved.

■ Love and marriage news in your life?

– I am a very clear personality and my life is open to humans, and I always find that actors have the right to their listeners to know everything about him if he loves him, whether sickness or marriage is far from privacy, so there is nothing in my life that is not anyone knows it always says that I am married, I married without what I stated because I did not hide anything because marriage is publicity, and one day people will find out.

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