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Mohammed Salah is close to parting with the Champions League in the "death group"

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp, who played for Egypt's Mohamed Salah, has expressed his deep sadness at the defeat of Paris St Germain 2-1 in a match held yesterday night at the Garden of the Princes in Paris. Champions League group E matches, which have many opportunities for the team to reach the second round of the tournament in the "death group", which also includes Napoli and Red Star.

Paris Saint-Germain finished second in Group C with 8 points, while Liverpool dropped to third place with 6 points, Napoli placed first on the table with 9 points and Red Star Serbia remained in fourth place with 4 points.

If Liverpool lose to Napoli in their final match in the final round and Red Star Serbia wins over Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool will drop to fourth and final place to play the Champions League and European Championship.

Liverpool can secure a place in the Round of 16 with a 1-0 win over Napoli on 11 December or a two-goal victory. Liverpool can also qualify and lead the group by beating Napoli with any results if PSG is tied to Red Star Serbia.

"It was an important match for us to look forward to victory, of course I am not happy with what happened, I think what I will say will make headlines, but the number of times the match was stopped is not a good thing considering the number of yellow cards "said Juergen Klopp. What we got from the referee, it seems like we are runners, we get 5 or 6 yellow cards and that's crazy. "

"We had the chance to play better in the last game but we didn't. There were lots of shots that would change the game with a better decision. That was the reason for defeat. They scored twice and scored and our decision was not good enough."

"We are waiting for support from the fans at Anfield, Napoli are strong competitors and we have some good games ahead of us in the face of Napoli," he said. "We have to make a special night for us."


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