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Media sources: Russian air defense at the Hameimim base to deal with rocket attacks

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User comments are deleted in the following cases:

  • If the comments are not consistent with the content of the publication.
  • If comments incite racial, ethnic, sexual, religious or social hatred and discrimination, or violate minority rights.
  • If the comment violates minority rights and causes them to be injured in any form, including moral abuse.
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  • If the comment contains information about how to commit suicide and sedition.
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  • If comment content promotes third party products or services without the knowledge of these parties.
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  • If the comments contain spam emails, the bulk shipping service promotes a quick-rich scheme.
  • If the comments promote the use of narcotics and other drugs, it contains information about their products and how to use them.
  • If the comment contains a link to a virus or malicious and dangerous software.
  • If comments are part of structured work that involves a large number of comments with one content.
  • If the comment contains a message that is incomprehensible and irrelevant.
  • If a comment violates the literature and the principles of the transaction, thus showing all forms of aggressive or degrading behavior.
  • If the comment is not in accordance with the basic rules of English, for example: writing (everyday language) with capital letters or not dividing the writing into sentences.

Site management has the right to prohibit users from accessing site pages, or delete their accounts without notice, if the user violates or does not respect the violation of the rules mentioned above.

Users can process or reactivate their account by contacting the moderator at

The message must contain the following:

  • Topic – Restore / Restart Account.
  • User ID.
  • Mention the reasons and explain the behavior that leads to violations of the above rules, forcing site management to ban users.

If the site administrator believes that the account can be restored / restarted, it will.

If a user account is blocked again due to repeated violations of the rules above, the account will not be restarted or opened again.

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