Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in Lebanon Health


A team from Takeda in Lebanon gathered insights from a group of active oncologists in hospitals and various health care facilities to understand how Takeda can support lung cancer patients.

According to the National Cancer Registry, 1212 cases of lung cancer were diagnosed in Lebanon in 2015, while 993 cases were recorded in 2012, 881 cases were diagnosed with lung cancer, Case 2009, while we did not have accurate data about cancer deaths from Lebanon, data from most countries it shows that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. "

"Lung cancer can affect non-smokers, but most smoking-related diseases remain. The best way to prevent it is to avoid smoking (including cigarettes, cigars and the most relevant for hookahs), and national plans to reduce the spread of smoking pandemics. in Lebanon it is very important, and at the same time, smoking cessation programs can help existing smokers get rid of the habit. Once diagnosed, it is important to detect and treat this disease at an early stage. Data on the role of low-dose CT scans is very promising .

"Unfortunately, most lung cancer patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage, and for these patients," said Dr. Arafat Tufili, a professor of clinical medicine and research director at the NK Basile Cancer Institute at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. The multidisciplinary approach is very important and treatment begins with imaging and examining the right tissue sample by a pulmonary doctor or radiologist, and also preparing a sample large enough to determine the correct diagnosis and testing and very important genetic testing. Therapeutic options for lung cancer develop very quickly and include Iron Side Care Targeted therapy that blocks the action of certain genes in tumors, and more recently, immunotherapy has become an important component of treatment for this disease. "

According to Dr. Tufili, "We must ask for an increase in tests and preventive measures to reduce the effects of this deadly disease."


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