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Ireland … Romantic and velvet destination for gourmet

If you dream of visiting a place that brings beauty Then and spend a romantic trip with a partner, Ireland is your most suitable destination because of its nature Its landmarks, culture and exceptional cuisine. Ireland is one of the best destinations in Indonesia 2018 Starting with the nature of rocky beaches Carved by the waves, giving the beach "Surf Coast "an opportunity for lovers to ride Waves for those who are looking for natural beauty The beach is calm at the same time.

Why visit Ireland?

Ireland attracts filmmakers to record cinematic scenes in this beautiful landscape.

The last one is "Michael Skelling" The Atlantic Ocean is off the coast of Kerry, in Star Wars "Star Wars"He said.

Ireland has become a destination for all lovers of the conflict series, because the forests and caves filmed during the series were the destinations to visit.

Irish cuisine has a variety of beautiful, and has many signs such as handmade cheese, fresh seafood, beef and lamb. And above a typical restaurant "Heron & Gray" Winning a Michelin star, characterized by menu making is the most creative and brave. If you are a golf fan, Ireland is an important destination thanks to its territory, which has seen the most important tournaments, especially the Royal Porter Stadium, which sees the brilliance of hero Rory McLaury. If you are looking for the past, Titanic Belfast Hotels in the Titanic District are the most luxurious Titanic chains in the world. A visit to the Titanic Belfast interactive exhibition provided the opportunity to discover the story of the Titanic from the design stage in Belfast to its starting point on a famous cruise.

Interesting amount about visiting Ireland

The number of tourists received by the Ireland Tourism Board is more than 10 million in 2017, with revenues of 5.78 billion euros. Tourism is one of the most important domestic sectors on the island of Ireland, providing more than four percent of the Republic of Ireland's gross national product (GNP) and securing jobs for around 281,000 people.. Yogov recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 residents in the UAE, nine out of every 10 people enjoyed the visit and praised the people.. While the most interesting poll on the Emirati sample is that 87 percent of those who have never been to Ireland have shown a great desire to visit soon.. The UAE's desire to go to Ireland has increased recently, especially given the recent easing of visa restrictions for UAE residents. Etihad Airways and the UAE also offer two flights daily from Abu Dhabi and Dubai to Dublin.

Visit For a city Titanic

The city of Belfast, which saw the construction of the Titanic, is famous for its musical and artistic heritage in general, nature, climate and even its restaurants.. And luxury

This city guarantees you an extraordinary experience, especially in areas such as the Titanic district and food market. And Haza "Titanic Belfast" The Best Travel Destinations at the World Travel Awards, featuring nine six-story exhibitions that simulate the rise of Titanic, interactive exhibits, underwater cinemas, and recreational tours. Visitors can explore the aquarium and landing dock filled by Titanic on foot or by boat. On the other hand, Belfast is unique in many ways, especially the Belfast Botanical Gardens that have been formed since then 1852 , Besides the zoo which has collected many rare animal species since 1934 , Thank more than 300 A thousand visitors every year. In the end, after various land trips, Belfast also has a signatory coastal area listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for unique geological formations, Atlantic waves, steep slopes, bays and remnants of ancient times..

Places to visit in Ireland

Ireland has the luxury of an aristocratic and luxurious vacation, with Log Hotels in Castle,

Back in the 15th century, this gave you plenty of opportunities to play golf and windsurfing. The Cardiff House, located at the 5-star Edir Manor Resort in Limerick, and The Spa at Ashford Castle"He said.

Health resorts in a castle like Ashford on the banks of the River Kung overlooking the forests and lakes won the Best of Ireland in 2017, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant romantic holiday. This area is also characterized by tranquility, beaches, lakes and steep slopes that give you more beauty for your vacation and you and your partner. If you are not connected, Ireland hosts the most famous event in the world to unite the spirit at the Lisdunvarna Festival, which takes place every year in September.

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