Haas will not oppose the decision to reject his protest against the participation of Force India in the Abu Dhabi race


(Reuters) – The Haas team at the Formula One World Championship said on Wednesday that it would not challenge the finalists' decision in Abu Dhabi to reject protests against Force India's official recognition as a new maker whose cars can compete.

Haas Force India, who was jailed in July and resurfaced after ownership changed in August, pushed for violating the rules and demanded French Sergio Perez and Esteban Okon not be allowed to take part in the final race on Sunday.

However, the North Carolina-based team failed to oppose and the supervisor of the Abu Dhabi race allowed Foras India to participate and recognize it as a new manufacturer that could compete with its cars.

"The Formula 1 Haas team chose not to oppose the FIA ‚Äč‚Äčsupervisor's decision (Document No. 20 in the UAE – Haas decision) following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from November 22-25, 2018," Haas said on his official Twitter account.

Haas finished fifth in the overall standings with 93 points, ahead of Force India, who lost all of their points before the Belgian Grand Prix in August.

Compiled and edited by Ahmed Abdel Latif for Arabic-language publications


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