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Fortnite sparked controversy by broadcasting "black holes" for the upcoming "final" event!

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Fortnite sparked controversy by broadcasting 'black holes' for the show 'End' coming !, Monday October 14 2019 1:05

Fortnite (online video game) airs a black screen with a "black hole" in the middle on its social media channel, before the controversial show "The End".

On the show, there was a map, then a meteor, before it was destroyed by a rocket set, and all that was left was a "black hole."

It turned out that millions of people watching the new season of Fortnite Epic could not believe it was the end because updates were continuing in the dark, sharing frustration on social media.


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Sudden appearance

Sudden appearance

The sudden appearance of "out of nowhere" strange glowing objects in the American sky

Launched in 2017, Epic Games allows up to 100 players to fight in the game, the last being on a virtual battlefield. But on Sunday evening, October 13, there were no clashes, and several characters occasionally appeared on the screen, where people tried to find out what they really meant.

Fortnite players demand big cash prizes in several tournaments, so it's clear that the star players are frustrated.

In this case, theories emerge about what happened to the game, including being hacked and blaming Elon Musk, who posted a tweet on Twitter that said "Haha."

Fortnite added more mystery about the strange event, removing all the tweets from his official account, except for the black hole.

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