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Extract «throat» from the stomach of a 3 year old girl

A medical team in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City has extracted herring earrings in the form of a cartoon character Hello Kitty from the stomach of a resident girl whose mother said she got it from a drawer and swallowed it.

He said his daughter felt pain and shortness of breath, and kept crying.

David Root, a consultant for the children's digestive tract in Sheikh Khalifa City, said that the hospital received a three-year-old girl after she swallowed gold earrings and settled in her digestive system.
"Even though coins (dirhams) are the most digestible foreign bodies of children, batteries and magnets are second and third," he said.

"They pose a significant risk of injury to the digestive system."

He explained that swallowing a foreign body has a significant impact on the family in psychological and physical terms, where it causes families to feel extreme anxiety and fear for their child in addition to the financial burden of foreign body extraction, either through endoscopy or surgery, showing that this can be avoided carefully. Severe monitoring of children and preventing their access to foreign objects can be swallowed.

Meanwhile, a consultant and head of the Children's Gastroenterology Department, Dr. Mohammed Miqdadi, warned against leaving dirhams, metal objects, batteries, pins and magnets within the reach of children. "If parents suspect that their child has swallowed a foreign substance, they must go to the nearest emergency center to confirm this," he said, noting that from January 2016 to December 2018, the Children's Department of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City accepted at least 258 children. Swallow coins, batteries, and magnetic metals for children aged six months to 18 years.

A study released by Sheikh Khalifa Medical City confirmed that the average cost of treatment for ingesting pieces of metal in children, such as dirhams and half dirhams – the most common – amounts to six thousand dirhams per case.

It also confirms that swallowing batteries, pieces and magnetic cubes, which are promoted on the market as educational toys, are one of the most serious cases of consumption, because internal parts of the body interact with them, leaving the effects of burns and infections in the esophagus or intestine, and need an urgent operation to extract it.

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