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Egyptian Art News "Hossein Fahmy Critics of Critics of Artists at the Cairo Film Festival"

Hossain Fahmy criticized excessive artist reviews at the Cairo Film Festival "Source: News – Art News –

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Artistic festivals in Egypt and the Arab world witness fierce competition between stars on the red carpet, and each tries to catch the eye.

Competition between the stars came to the creation of some strange and unusual ways to have more space in the gap in front of the camera, from where Sama was forced to him at the fortieth Cairo International Film Festival, wearing Cleopatra clothes.

The Tunisian artist, Iman Cherif, who overtook Sama at the El Gouna Festival with a strange appearance, and the others used the boldest prostatine.

Egyptian artist Hussein Fahmi expressed deep sadness at the arrival of Reed Carpath.

"I was the first person to call the idea of ​​the" Red Carpet "in the Arab world, so we will perform in a way that is suitable for international and overseas festivals," he said.

He stressed that the Cairo International Film Festival is one of the 11 most important festivals in the world, and the current session of the festival will again shine again due to good organization, with young producer Mohamed Hafez.

At the opening ceremony of the festival, which was held on November 20, Hussein Fahmy participated in the large stage of the Egyptian Opera House, with a large number of art stars and media present in Egypt and the Arab world.

He also participated with his brother Mostafa Fahmi and his Lebanese media wife Faten Mousa at the exhibition, which was held on the sidelines of the Cairo Festival to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival and included special clips and awards from the beginning of the first session to the present.


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