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Download Books Revealing the Secrets of PDF Weight Loss

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Book: Code of Obesity (Revealing the Secrets of Weight Loss)
Category: Human Development
Author: Jason Fang
Format: PDF
Number of pages: 304

According to Dr. Fang, the cause of obesity is hormones. By understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance, we can permanently eliminate excess weight. This book is broad-minded and interesting while explaining why the world is fat, how we can eliminate epidemics, maintain ideal weight, and avoid obesity. Andreas Eenfeldt, Md Fang highlighted the causes of insulin resistance and offered non-traditional solutions that have been proven to help improve public health. Jimmy Moore
Fang explained the new coherent theory of obesity which provides a consistent view of food quality, as well as basic steps that help us follow healthy habits and make us control insulin levels in our body. Fang explained how we can use intermittent fasting techniques to break the insulin resistance ring in the body, so that we reach the right weight and can maintain it.

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Download Books Revealing the Secrets of Weight Loss


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