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I returned after years of blogging on a site that I always liked "Techworld".

I spent the last 6 years of my life working in the field of electronic commerce with various traders and in more than one company and station. I have come to the conclusion of establishing a company that has taken the responsibility of transforming the retail business from traditional retail to modern retail under the name ZD.

During that period, in our ongoing meeting with traders or employees in the e-commerce sector, I found that the desire for transformation often "was present." The language of rhetoric, especially in recent years, has shifted from "Why?" Become "How?" And began to think seriously in the parties from the top of the pyramid, in the exploitation of electronic commerce as an important sponsor of the entities and points / outlets that were important to them.

Where do you do it?

But the devil as they say lies in the details, and small details often make a difference.

I don't want to exaggerate or get confused about this, but one of the most important points that found their "direct" impact in changing the opinions of these traders is to try to bring them together with Internal Candidate Group, And after sitting with them and discussing the details of the implementation in detail and fragmentation, the process changes from the project: "high risk in implementation" to the project: "nothing will lose if they try it," especially if it's gradually.

Previously, developing an online store and connecting it with logistics, payment and other providers required a lot of effort and a long time, because there were many parties involved in the trip. Now, with local players providing services such as the SaaS platform like ZTE, this is within reach, because companies today can shorten the road and reduce the risk of high costs before starting.

Technology alone is not enough. "E-commerce" projects must always be seen comprehensively, because it is not just an "e-shop" developed with companies or independent technology programmers. The topic is bigger.

An attempt to summarize the overall view of e-commerce by all parties At the same time, the complexity of the subject for traders (regardless of size) we came out with a compass called: electronic commerce compass. We have compiled the most important factors that must be considered when thinking about starting an e-commerce project in an organization (both existing and new). This Kompas does not only discuss the merger stage but the operation and operation phase after launch.

Compass goal, search for your project from 8 Different and integrated entities to guide you through the right way to start your e-commerce, A well-known business compass is used, along with pioneering experience by the fuel company, called the Smart Device Compass Application to reach the final compass.

Images that combine business models / application models

We can add e-commerce compasses as a new tool that allows e-commerce project owners to plan effectively – in depth and detail – for their e-commerce projects to give them a holistic view of the project.

Complete e-commerce with questions

Compass model replaces glasses

To get around the compass and its eight destinations, and to download the high resolution version that will be used for your project or project that you want to start, you can access it from the following page:

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