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Champions League: Liverpool are in trouble after a defeat against St Germain

Champions League: Liverpool are in trouble after a defeat against St Germain

Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund qualify for the final

Thursday – 21 Spring I 1440 H – November 29 2018

Paris St Germain fans celebrate Liverpool's victory in the Champions League (AFP)

Paris: Middle East Online

Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and Porto are ready to win the Champions League final at the end of the group stage.
French Premier League champions Paris Saint-Germain, Napoli and Tottenham have increased their chances of a 2-1 win over Liverpool, Serbia Red Star 3-1 and Inter Milan 1-0.
Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp admits that the defeat at Paris St Germain has put the team in trouble. They have to beat Napoli in the last round of the Champions League first round if they want to qualify for the playoffs.
Liverpool lost to St Germain 1-1-26 points in Group C, eight points behind Paris Saint-Germain and nine points for leaders Napoli.
The club, which led the team last season to the tournament finals, said his team needed to make a strong bid and beat Napoli in the final two group matches to qualify for the knockout stages.
The club said his team were not afraid to leave early in the first round but would work hard to avoid this. He pointed out that Marco Veratti of Saint-Germain deserved to be excluded from his hard intervention with Liverpool Gomez.
The German coach said in a statement after the match that his team desperately needed a win over St Germain, but were surprised by the apparent risk of St Germain, especially at the start of the match.
"It's very difficult to handle this performance from St Germain, who scored their second goal from a quick counterattack given the clear pace enjoyed by the players from this team."
The number of clubs qualify for the second round to 12. Barcelona is the first winner (from the fourth round), Real Madrid have won the last three years, Juventus, Roma, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Manchester United and Manchester City.
Four cards left in the final round on December 11 and 12.
In the first half, Paris Saint-Germain claimed victory and revenge for Anfield's first-half defeat, with defender Juan Bernat, who opened the scoring in minute 13. Neymar da Silva of Brazil added 37, while James Milner scored the only goal for the team guest (45 + 1 from Punishment.
The Parisians managed to put themselves in the group and, after exiting the qualifying position for the next round, were in the best position to be in the last round of Red Star and their victory would ensure the ticket price for the seventh consecutive season to avoid complicated calculations in terms of draws. and winning Liverpool defeated Napoli 2-1 after losing 1-0 in Italy.
Paris Saint-Germain defeated Liverpool in direct meetings (2-3 in England and 2-1 in France), while Napoli beat Paris (2-2 in Paris and 1-1 in Naples).
Napoli made the most of the 3-1 win over the Reds and made a significant move towards the final, requiring only a draw.
Marek Hamsik from Slovakia (11), Dres Mertens (33, 52), Napoli and Alfardo Ben Mohammed from Comoros (57) scored a Red Star goal.
Denmark international Christian Eriksen recovered from Tottenham's bad hopes when he scored his only goal against Inter Milan in the 80th minute, 10 minutes after coming from Argentine Eric Lamela.
Tottenham, who won 2-1 over AC Milan in the first round of the Group B match, returned on the bench with seven points but outperformed in a direct match.
The final will be decisive for Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur, where PSV Eindhoven will host the second, and the second will be guests at the Catalan giants. Tottenham must win to reach the next round, but can guarantee that even if a draw or loss occurs as long as Inter don't achieve better results.
Tottenham coach Mauricio Pocetino insists his team's ability to qualify. "Everything is possible," he said. I never said the task was impossible. In football everything can happen. We must trust our abilities. "
"It will be a difficult task (winning in Barcelona) but confidence is very important."
In the same group, Barcelona regained the winning tone, which stopped in the final round with a draw with Inter Milan, by winning away to Eindhoven 2 Dutch goals for star Lionel Messi (61) and defender Gerard Pique (70) against Luke de Young's goal (83).
This is Barcelona's fourth victory, one of the six teams has never suffered so far in competitions with Napoli, Porto, Bayern Munich, Ajax and Lyon.
Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund qualified for the Champions League final with a 2-0 home win over Monaco and France Antoine Grizmann, 24, and a 2-0 home draw over Bruges.
Atletico are up 12 points and have taken a big step towards finishing first in the standings after pulling them out of Dortmund with two points, four points for Bruges and one for Monaco.
In the last round on December 11, Monaco played with Dortmund and Clube Bruges with Atletico.
At Porto and Schalke, they qualified for the second round ahead of their 3-1 meeting at Porto, with Galatasaray losing 2-0 at the Moscow Lokomotiv 2 hours before the start of the summit of leaders.
Brazilian striker Ider Milletau (52), Mexico Jose Coruna (55), Mali Marisa (90 + 4), and Nabil Ben Talib (89)
In 1987 and 2004, Porto took advantage of the land and the public to defeat Schalke and clear the top of the group and thus avoid the faces of adults in the final price.
In the second match, Galatasaray was asked to win to keep his hopes in the competition for one of the group cards, but he clashed with strong determination for the Russian team players, who responded to religion with two goals scored by Gregory Krishoviak 43 and Vladislav Ignatiev 54.
Galatasaray, who have won their first Group A win, have four points, one ahead of Lokomotiv Moscow.
Lokomotiv restored his hopes of ending the group stage in third place, which enabled him to continue his tour of the European Championship, where he reduced the gap between him and his Turkish guest to one point.


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