Thursday , May 6 2021

Bintang Al-Najm – a gift from UAE to Oman on its national day

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<p>Emirati poet Ali Al Khawar presented the song "Fakhr Shaabeen" on the occasion of the 48th National Day of the Sultanate of Oman.</p>
<p>This song was composed by Khalid Nasser and distributed by Amr Abdel Aziz. And the songs of artists: Fayez Al-Saeed from the UAE, Salah Al-Zadjali from Oman, Maksaj m. Walid Al-Najjar, and supervision and coordination of director Hussein Salim.</p>
<p><strong>This song says:</strong></p>
<p>At the bay ceiling and people at bay, O high-chan</p>
<p>I am the person and the people of Abu Sultan on Fuadah</p>
<p>I sing for Dari, Expert and Rice in Amman</p>
<p>It is Emirati's right to say its country</p>
<p>Cousins, cousins, cousins, and cousins</p>
<p>We have a proud history and pride</p>
<p>I am Omani and say proudly that we are brothers and sisters</p>
<p>Omani or Emirate .. A proud person and proud leadership</p>
<p>Oman in the eyes of love .. and Nishan's love</p>
<p>Oman is our country</p>
<p>Oman and its people are good and Kabafa Wafa title ..</p>
<p>For people who guide my heart and heart</p>
<p>Wafa Oman Al Wafa for people from the UAE and for Abu Sultan</p>
<p>Every day I renew my agreement with the love of his birthday</p>
<p>We have given the Sultanate of Qaboos no matter what the agreement is</p>
<p>And still what our precious love is … and increasing</p>
<p>His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, congratulated the people of Oman on their national day, at the expense of His Majesty on Twitter and also through the "Enggram" website.</p>
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