Awareness campaign on diabetes prevention at Abdali Boulevard


Amman – The Royal Society for Health Awareness was organized on Saturday, November 24, an awareness campaign on diabetes prevention at Al Abdali Boulevard along with the celebration of World Diabetes Day.
The event was attended by 300 staff members from the Royal Society for Health Awareness and their families, as well as interested people and beneficiaries of the Jordan Diabetes Association and beneficiaries of the Royal Society for Health Awareness community clinic.
This event is part of a global initiative launched by the World Diabetes Organization to raise awareness about diabetes and prevention methods.
The activity, which began at 11am and continued until 2pm, included tests of blood sugar, retina, foot sugar, carbon dioxide, glucose, blood pressure and comedy activities by Nabil Sawalha, as well as several sports and angles for children. child.
Participants are given access to dietary guidelines that must be adhered to to prevent or treat diabetes ideally and to listen to experiences from several success stories for patients who are able to treat this disease ideally.
Given the importance of exercise in optimal diabetes prevention or treatment, the effectiveness of training is to highlight the importance of walking as one of the important exercises to do and commit to it and a bend dedicated to training various other exercises and yoga sessions and others.


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