Asian Cup News: UAE teams beat Kyrgyzstan and qualify for Australia


Sport 360 – UEA striker Ali Mabkhout has joined the top scorer for the Arab Cup Asian Cup finalists.

Ali Mabkhout scored his third goal of the 2019 Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates with a goal in the match between the UAE and Kyrgyzstan, which is now in the Round of 16.

Ali Mebkhout and Kuwait's Jassim Al-Huwaidi and Iraq's Younis Mahmoud took the lead, and each star had eight goals.

The top scorers in the history of the Asian Cup include:

Eight goals

Emirati Ali Mabkhout.

Kuwait Jassim Al – Huwaidi

Younis Mahmoud.

Seven goals

Sheikh Faisal Al – Dakhil.

Qatar Airways.

Six goals

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