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Artists from episode 26 of «Portrait» came to confirm the continuity of plastic science, and that artists could add an artistic touch to new creativity and new fingers did not reach the previous creators, even though their experience and quality of style, was an artist continuing what became the pioneer of the generation first like Ahmed Sabry and Youssef Kamel and Mahmoud Said in the art of photography and especially portraits, using his feelings as human and emotional as the first element in his work to add fingerprints to this list of art pioneers, artist Ezzeddine Hamouda.

Hamouda was born in Cairo with the birth of the 1919 revolution in Egypt. His artistic journey began when he received the Diploma in the College of Fine Arts in Cairo, the Department of Photography with the end of World War II in 1945. His studies at this college were the birthplace of his academic and artistic journey, where he knew his wife, great artist Zeinab Abdul Hamid, who accompanied him throughout his career and his journey in art and process.

Artist Ezz El Din Hamouda believes in a mixture of emotions with creativity, and this is evident in his words: «Creativity is created … And the most sincere moment of creativity in which the psychological integration of artists to the top and thoughts and inspiration are transformed into products that are manifested to bring the characteristics of individual creativity »

Hamouda contributed to the formation of several artistic groups after graduation. He came from the Voice of Artists Society and later contributed to the formation of the Union of Fine Arts Graduates. He then participated in the formation of the Modern Art Society in Cairo. Graduation College.

In academics at the College of Fine Arts in Cairo, Ezzeddine traveled on a study mission to the Spanish capital of Madrid. He received a master's degree in design and painting from the Fine Arts Middle School, San Fernando, to continue his overall academic career. As chair of the imaging department at the age of 55 years.

He was influenced by Hamouda's style in Spanish art during his studies. Artist, Dr. Sobhy Al-Sharouni, wrote about him: "Ezzedine Hamouda was a pioneer of portraits in Egypt, influenced by Spanish art and Byzantine decorations. Her artistic career began as a photographer who was realistic, natural, although always looking for new artistic values ​​in color, shape and composition».

In addition to the work of academic artists, he was appointed at the age of forty-five to work as a cultural advisor to the Egyptian Embassy in Mexico, then assigned to teach at the Higher Institute of Cinema and Art Academy, then he was chosen as an external member of the High Institute of Theater Board of Directors. About the Egyptian Embassy in Spain and the Director of the Institute of Islamic Studies in Madrid, at that time he was 50 years old. His time coincided with his election as a member of the Egyptian delegation which formed the first executive program of the Egyptian-Spanish cultural agreement.

He left the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo and was appointed as Chair of the Photography Board and a member of the College Council. He later became a part-time professor at the College itself and left time to devote himself to his artistic creations. He was reappointed on the same campus and department at the age of sixty-nine, and died two years later in 1990, leaving a deep impression and artistic history.


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