Sunday , May 9 2021

Arab Yemen: Harbi taunts Mohammed Al-Bekhiti: starts preparing for his new film

Jamal Al Harbi, the UAE media personality, ridiculed Friday the Huthi leader Mohammed al-Bekhiti and desperate efforts to mobilize fighters through social media.

Al-Harbi said in a tweet on the social networking site "Twitter" – monitored by "Yemeni Arabs" – "Mohammed al-Bekhiti began preparing for his new film" The Great Escape ".

"You will soon see it in all the theaters on ironing," he said. "Book your seat now."

Mohammed al-Bekhiti wrote a "Facebook" magazine looking for militia fighters, some of whom fled the front, many of whom refused to go to Hodeidah to participate in the fighting because the fighting was resolved for joint forces.

Mohammed al-Bukhayti had taken many photos and video footage from Hodeidah to come after the hours of joint forces and control the place where he was.

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