An Emirati student has changed his passion for flower arrangement into a profitable home project



An Emirati student named Fatima Al Ali has turned her interest in interest into a profitable home business, even though she still sits in the human resources department.

"I was taking a training program and in the end I gave my colleagues a flower bouquet that I had prepared myself. They asked me if I had a flower coordination project that they really liked, so I felt I had talent that could turn out to be a successful project, "he said.

He added that the encouragement he received made him think seriously about launching his project, which he chose "Bouvardia", which symbolizes a type of flower that symbolizes eternal enthusiasm, noting that the project depends on flowers planted at home and that mastering the coordination of flowers takes a lot of time and effort. Much has been done to penetrate this area.

As part of the expansion of the home project, Fatima participated in the UKM Small Business Initiative (SME) initiative and presented the first flower coordination workshop in collaboration with the UAE Fursan Volunteer Team, sponsored by the UAE Youth Council and UAE Knights.

In the future, Fatima aspires to have a flower shop in her own understanding and with creative staff that she personally supervises, noting that this shop will be more than a flower shop.



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