Al-Ittihad Newspaper – Mohammed bin Rashid: Between martyrs and Federations close relations to the essence of giving at all levels


UAE Deputy President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stressed that martyrs and federations have close relations with all levels and the highest level of awareness and courage in facing challenges, difficulties and increased contracts.

He said that when our people stood today in silence in honor of the martyrs, I heard the echo of silence echoed by the UAE's sons and daughters in the voices of the martyrs: We are ready to offer our lives for the freedom of our homeland and its security and stability. We are ready to bear all costs and face the danger of defending the sovereignty and independence of our nation and maintaining its dignity and prosperity.

The following is the text of the speech of His Holiness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum delivered on the occasion of Martyr's Day:
Our meeting was renewed today to honor our martyrs, the courage of their families, and to affirm our thanks for their role in providing our homeland with additional elements of strength, increasing fortitude and glory, raising flags and height, and increasing determination and his determination.
Because there are no words rising to the place of martyrdom, they remain in pairs with a sense of perfection in all things, perfection of faith, perfection of maturity, perfection of courage, perfection of gentleness, perfection of loyalty and ownership.
Prepare these meanings on the day of the martyrs because you did not attend another day. And taking today is the most valuable place in our lives.

His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, strengthened this position by calling this day on November 30 each year, where the first citizens of the modern era were martyrs, on the eve of the annual celebration of our union establishment and the formation of our country. Among martyrs and Federations, the close ties given by essence at all levels and in the highest sense, and conscious in facing risks, and courage in facing any challenge and however difficult and many nodes.

Today, the UAE's sons and daughters, and we remember our martyrs with all respect, dignity and respect, we are firmly committed to a free and dignified life in our country and our people as our Union wants, and when our martyrs sacrifice their lives to protect them.

When our people stood quietly in honor of the martyrs, I heard the echo of silence echoed by the sons and daughters of the UAE in the voice of the martyrs: We are ready to offer our lives for the freedom, security and stability of our homeland. We are ready to bear all costs and face the danger of defending the sovereignty and independence of our nation and maintaining its dignity and prosperity.

I listened to the echo of an era that was renewed by Emirates' sons and daughters for themselves, to remain faithful to the blood of martyrs, to be faithful to their inheritance, to continue their way of fulfilling vows, to give to the homeland, loyalty to leadership, sincerity at work and do the best and the best to keep our country raised.

In our meeting today about the martyrs and their families, we also gather around our brave armed forces, the shield of the homeland and the strong fortress. The martyrs came from their ranks of officers and soldiers,

Our armed forces are and are still the most important cup to strengthen national unity and to crystallize the Emirati character in the sublime manifestations of our values ​​of honor, our Arab and Islamic heritage, our ancestors in preserving this land, and the rigors of the desert environment and darkness of the sea floor.

I say to all members of our armed forces, and to their sons who have served in their ranks from the beginning, your fellow martyrs have surrounded your neck and the necks of all United Arab Emirates sons and daughters with bouquets of flowers. Our armed forces spread peace of mind in the hearts of every citizen and resident, consolidated security and stability, increased self-confidence in the present and future, increased the strength and immunity of our nation, and lived according to the strength, strength and vitality of our nation. Hope in the hearts of every Arab and every human who seeks justice, security and peace.
One of the best martyrs is that on their annual day, they remind us that yes, security, stability, and prosperity are not permanent, permanent or permanent in the nature of things. But it is yes achieved by looking for it, and ready to be preserved by effort and race and awareness and hard work, and defending it with all possibilities, and sacrificing for it with great and much.

This is exactly what we have done since the founding of our Union, which is His Excellency's brother's obsession and the core of the Government's plan. He is at the forefront of the agenda of His Holiness Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

We are aware of the turbulent security environment in our region and count all possibilities. But this environment will not change our constants and priorities. We will continue to build, develop, live side by side with others and be open to their culture. We will continue to help our brothers and friends, who suffer from natural disasters and lack of resources.

On the day of Martyrs, we share the feelings of martyrs of loss and pain due to separation. And don't count those who were killed in the way God died, but live with their Lord, they will be happy * happy because God gave them gifts and preached to those who did not follow them from behind them, did not fear them or were sad.

And our condolences in wrapping UAE people into the families of the martyrs, and in the care of the state for them, and the efforts of the "Office of the family of martyrs" in following up on their affairs and needs.
I asked God the Almighty to pay homage to our martyrs, to compensate their families well, and write a quick recovery for our wounds.
And ask him to look after the members of our armed forces, and write salvation for our children on the battlefield, and return them safely and be compassionate to their families and homeland.
We always thank God and thank Him for His grace, and for what He has set, and to pray and give blessings to the Prophet, his family and colleagues.


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