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One of the participants led the mop art in front of the committee (from the source)

One of the participants led the mop art in front of the committee (from the source)

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

The first episode of "Al Minaous" will begin on Sunday, 10 pm, followed by the second episode which was recorded on January 27, 2019. The first two episodes will include interviews with judges, interviews and other tests conducted by contestants who emphasize the role of culture typical of programs and cultural and intellectual bridges between participants and countries in the region.
The first eight episodes of the program will be broadcast live on Al Raha Beach Theater in Abu Dhabi in public on February 3, and 18 poets who have reached the final stage will compete.
Each episode is followed by a screening of 8 episodes, each showing the activities of the participants and their visits for a week, far from the competition.

«Rose Bird»
The theme of "The Art of Minkos" is present at the direction of the Festival Management and Cultural and Heritage Program in Abu Dhabi, with the aim of introducing folklore and increasing its role in building national identity. The participants competed to display Al Mankoos as one of the Emirate's art heritage for Nabati poetry.
The name of the coat art in this name refers to the way he appears in singing. The singer starts with a high layer of sound, gradually decreases with the poetic home chest, then reaches its peak at the end of this section. Then he returned and gradually subsided in the second part of the house.
It is said that the name of the mantle with that name is because of the "Vortex bird", which drew the Bedouin movement on the arrival of summer, as the sound of this bird, and Tgridh rose when he ascended to the top, and then immediately dropped his voice with his retreat down to the earth's surface.

Bridge Bridge
The program aims to revive original mascot art, expand the communication bridge between the older generation and the younger generation by introducing them to the neck, songs, performing arts, the most prominent symbols locally and in the Gulf, preserving cultural heritage and recording it as a permanent cultural platform introducing this heritage art, its methods of performance, and the most prominent aspects of this original Gulf art, and the achievement of the greatest communication possible with the Gulf mass, the fact that the motto and art of performance from poetic art and inheritance that unites all the sons of the Gulf, such as known numbers Emirati artists, such as the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah be pleased with him, poet Aousha binti Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Arab girl, may God have mercy on him, poet Ahmad bin Ali Al Kindi and others. In the five phases of the program.


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