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Al-Ittihad Newspaper – In an interview with Zahra published by Union … Sheikha Fatima: «UAE» a bright picture of the country

Abu Dhabi (Zahrat Al Khaleej, Al Ittihad

His Excellency Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, President of the General Women's Union, Supreme Council President for Motherhood and Childhood, President in Chief of the Family Development Foundation, stressed that a major transformation that strongly supports women in the UAE takes place with the formation of the State and through the founder's vision and wisdom Zayed.
His Majesty expressed his pride and pride in the achievement of the UAE, which reflected his positive abilities and participation in the development of his country. He appreciates the continued support of wise leadership to empower women in all fields.
His Majesty said in an interview with «Bunga Teluk»Posted byUnion"Women in UAE society have found their full opportunity to start the field of work and innovation, and the current leadership position reflects the bright and civilized image of the country and women together," he said, pointing out that history will continue to recognize the founding role of empowering women. To provide various forms of support for them, and that the UAE leadership did not stop one day after this civilization approach, which emphasized the depth and honesty of faith in giving women and their abilities.

The text reads as follows:
* UAE, under the guidance and follow-up of wise leadership, has made great efforts in empowering women in all fields and motivating them to continue their successful journey. What future vision do you see in the horizon of the continued empowerment and empowerment of these women?
The National Strategy for Women's Empowerment and Leadership (2015-2021) establishes a general framework, references, and guidelines for all federal, local, private and civil society institutions to achieve women's empowerment and leadership. To build the achievement of women in the UAE, to maintain the sustainability of these achievements and achievements, and to continue to build women's capacity, and preserve social structures and cohesion through the integration of roles between men and women, to build strong and cohesive communities that are able to follow new changes , besides providing a dignified and safe element of life and achieving women's social welfare at a high level of quality and developing a spirit of leadership and responsibility, in regional and international forums.

Emirate woman status
* How do you see what UAE women have achieved today? How do you see its presence in the context of its status?
No woman anywhere in the world can see her dreams and ideals as reality without true faith in leadership and society in the importance of empowering her, by providing all means to realize her aspirations, as an important part of the industry's progress. The presence and empowerment of women and their empowerment, because the success and achievements of women reflect the truth and reflect the extent of national development and progress, therefore, what reaches the current Emirati women, shows that institutional and legislative support for them is stimulated in all leading roles civilization and the history and status of women that have existed in history. The UAE, as well as the success of women, proves the great trust of leadership in our abilities, which has been demonstrated by the many continuing experiences of women, with unique achievements that show the competency and determination of UAE women to seriously participate in the development and progress of their country.

Features change
* The Emirati women's process has undergone a phase of change from the 1950s to the present, how do you see the features of this change?
** History has many positive signs of women's role in UAE society, and this role has gone through many stages with different situations, but the great transformation that strongly supports women occurs with the formation of the State, and through the founding vision and wisdom of Zayed, «God bless it» , who believe in the role of women and give them all the knowledge and experience they can for their families and homeland. This sincere belief in the role of women has become a leading Emirati approach. Wise leadership continues to support this approach through my Legislative and Institutional Framework, and I find women full opportunities to start work and arena innovation, and what today is from a leadership position reflects bright and civilized nations and women together with images.

Homeland tolerance
* The Emirate's contribution to educating a new generation of values ​​of peace, tolerance and non-violence What do you say about reflections on UAE society?
There is no doubt that man is the son of his environment, and that what he receives and learns in his social environment influences his personality, mind and behavior. The family of the UAE enjoys high moral and cultural characteristics in terms of values ​​of tolerance and love of others. From the human nature of the UAE, whether male or female, and the role of women here increases the transfer of these values ​​and implanted in the hearts of children, based on the great conviction and belief that tolerance and peace and respect for each other and leave all forms of violence finally reaching the meaning of our humanity, Everyone was shunned, and Fadlallah SWT was first, and then thanks to this high-spirited Emirati man, the UAE has become a homeland for love and tolerance.

  • To what extent do UAE women participate in charity and humanitarian work?
    Emirate women are no different from their brothers, men, in this case, he participated in philanthropic and humanitarian work with noble motivation and great effort, he also expressed his belief in the importance of this role. A woman, everyone has learned about this good land to be another help, a good homeland, and a homeland of white hands that give, support and support people in trouble anywhere in the world.

History will still remember Zayed
* The late Sheikh Zayed played a major role in winning over the rights of women of the United Arab Emirates and their share of real participation in the development process in the country. How did you describe this role played by the late Sheikh Zayed? How much influence does he leave in our wise leadership?

** The trust of the late Sheikh Zayed, may God bless him and give him peace, not limited to women and in his role without limits, This paved the way for him to participate in the development process since the founding of the State. Give various support images. The Emirati leadership did not stop one day after this civilized approach, which emphasized the depth and honesty of faith in the giving of women and their abilities, and what we see today embodies the authenticity of this trend and its persistence and perseverance.

* What role can Arab women play intellectually, scientifically and socially to make the world more peaceful and civilized?
** Women everywhere are the first teachers of children, their source of knowledge, and thus instill noble human values ​​that call for peace and tolerance, and they – and other individuals and community institutions – to support these values ​​and to promote their existence and practice, modern education, and an active presence in any society, has become a complementary role in the intellectual, scientific and social development of society.

Ministerial and diplomatic posts
* The arrival of Emirati women to ministerial and diplomatic positions What does this mean for His Majesty in the march and progress of the UAE?
Emirati leaders have full support from women, and all we see today is the emergence of the role of the UAE's daughter, and her role in the ministerial and diplomatic position, and taking over many of the top positions in various government sectors and institutions. women have participated and participated in the renaissance process with sincerity and high efficiency. As I mentioned earlier, this remains a source of pride and pride.

* His Majesty is honored by the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development, and you are awarded the Order of Honor and the title "The Spirit of Humanity and the Origin of Goodness and Giving in the Arab World." This is the result of the launch of various youth initiatives through the Sheikha Fatima Program for Excellence and Social Intelligence. Young?
** As stated in the program message and on the youth field, this aims to strengthen the identity and originality of Arab youth and their cultural affiliation to their country, and increase the level of pride in achieving the values ​​of Arab civilization, ethics, knowledge and science, by trying to highlight leadership and creativity, creativity, support and motivate the spirit of initiative in it, and through this vision initiative launched to support Arab youth, which is undoubtedly a strong catalyst for youth everywhere in the Arab world, and our role to be a real support for them because they are the future, and they must be the future – through them – luminous thoughts and their creations and initiatives.

* How do you see the role of the General Women's Union in preserving heritage and promoting national identity?
** Since the establishment of the General Women's Union on August 27, 1975, it has played an important role in preserving the inheritance component and deepening national identity Through the history of programs and events, the Women's Union has launched many initiatives and organized many activities aimed at protecting customs. And traditional heritage traditions, based on a great understanding and awareness that the consolidation of our knowledge of national heritage and its components deepens the national identity of community members, especially the new generation. This contribution is provided by the General Federation of Women, Growing heritage and promoting national identity.

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