A painful package. Details November 5 sanctions on Iran


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A painful package. Details of the sanctions on Iran on 5 November, quoting the delegation's website, on Friday, 2 November 2018.

On November 5, the United States is preparing to launch a new set of papers against Iran targeting the vital sectors of the Iranian economy as part of an US strategy paralyzing the system to continue destabilization in the Middle East.

US President Donald Trump announced in May that the United States will withdraw from Tehran and the world powers signed in 2015 on nuclear arms trafficking aimed at curbing nuclear capabilities in Tehran and has decided to re-sanction the suspended sanctions in the transaction.

Following the re-introduction of the first sanction package of 6 August, the second package, which is the most painful point in the Iranian economy, includes:

– port operators and sectors in Iran

Shipping and shipbuilding, including Iranian shipping lines, as well as the South Shipping Line and its subsidiaries.
– Oil-related transactions with national oil companies in Iran, the oil trading company in Iran and the Iranian national tanker company, including Iranian petroleum and petroleum products or petrochemicals.

– Transactions by foreign financial institutions with the Central Bank of Iran and Iranian financial institutions have been renewed in accordance with Article 1245 of the FY12 National Protection License, including penalties imposed on the special financial services provided by the Central Bank of Iran and the Iranian financial institutions in the comprehensive Criminal Code,

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And withdraw Iran's investment by 2010.

– Insurance or reinsurance services.

– Iranian energy sector.

– Withdrawal of authorizations granted to foreign entities owned or controlled by the United States with a view to abolishing certain activities with the Government of Iran or persons under the jurisdiction of the Government of Iran.

Reinstatement of penalties applicable to persons removed from the list of sanctions or from other relevant US governmental lists.

Those involved in sanctions within the chamber must take the necessary steps to reduce these activities by 4 November to avoid sanctions or US court proceedings.

The August 2010 reinstated first sanction package targeted the Iranian auto industry and the banking sector, including the management of Iranian currency and Iranian bonds.

The sanctions included the sale and purchase of iron and steel and aluminum, the withdrawal of licenses for the operation of commercial aircraft and the punishment of the Iranian industry, including the Iranian carpet sector.

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