5 mistakes that eliminate you from the ideal body weight


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Many people are interested in sports and diets to lose weight, but their efforts go to the dam, for unexpected mistakes.

According to the British Daily Healthista "Daily Mail" health site, there are five errors preventing a person's loss of weight despite attempts to reach the physical body:


Many cannot start their day without eating a cup of coffee, which has become an important part of everyday life.

Although some of the health benefits of coffee, such as stimulating the nervous system, do not help burn calories quickly, according to nutritionists who recommend consuming green tea instead of coffee, because providing a reasonable amount of caffeine does not cause high blood sugar, it also helps speed up metabolism.

Difficult training

Usually during training, the body burns carbohydrates first, and after full consumption, the body looks for other energy sources, the stage at which fat burning begins.

Fat burning releases more energy than carbohydrates, so strenuous training will not achieve the desired results. Conversely, constant and synchronized training is what determines how quickly energy is burned at each exercise.

Salt and sweeteners

Sodium is a substance used by the body to control the amount of water in our vital organs.

The more the amount of sodium, the more amount of water stored by the body and not released in the form of urine.

Sodium is important for metabolism, so it is very important for the body and should not be removed.

People usually associate salt with sodium, but the fact is that a lot of sugar and sweets contain sodium in one form or another, such as sodium glycine, hard form of saccharin.

So it is recommended to get a limited amount of salt and avoid as many artificial sweeteners as possible in drinks and food, and try to eat coffee and tea without desalination.

Water and soft drinks

A study of obesity in 2017 revealed that moisture can be an important factor in gaining weight and increasing ghrelin secretion, an amino acid that stimulates hunger.

Although this water does not contain sugar, it helps to gain weight because these hormones encourage you to eat.


One might wonder how pollution can contribute to weight loss, and the question might be if the person doesn't know some information.

First, certain information is that when a person breathes, he takes air from the atmosphere, which is mainly composed of oxygen.

When oxygen enters the body, it burns, and appears in the form of carbon dioxide.

But if the air is polluted, pollutants enter the body with air, and according to a study in China, one can cause type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other diseases that can contribute to weight gain.


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