& # 39; Capernaum & # 39; nominate Oscars for best foreign films


BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, "Capernaum" was nominated Tuesday for an Oscar for best foreign film in the 91st edition of the February 24 award in Hollywood.
In addition to Lebanese films, Mexican "Roma", Polish "Cold War", German "Never Look Away" and Japanese "Shopblitters" were also nominated.
The film "Capernaum" was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Award at the Grammy Awards, which was distributed on January 6.
"Capernaum", Labaki's third long film, discussing the problem of abandoned and undocumented children in Lebanon, followed by a 12-year-old street boy who sued his parents for bringing him into a miserable life and refusing to be bound to school and beaten and insulted .
The 44-year-old director won the Jury Prize at the 71st Cannes Film Festival in May for his film.
The Ziad Douiri "Case No. 23" film was nominated for an Oscar for the best foreign film in the 2018 tournament.
Lebanese director Nadine Labaki has made a strong impression at the Cannes Film Festival with his film "Capernaum" about a tormented childhood through child actor Zein Rafie who ignored his family and decided to sue them.
This film shows the appearance of Zain Al Rafi. The 14-year-old Syrian refugee lives in a neighborhood that is popular in Beirut and attracts the attention of filmmakers when he plays with other children. He is a non-professional actor like all film actors.
This option gives documentary strength to the film, which shows the margins of Lebanese society. Together with Zain, Capernaum focused on the fate of another child, Jonas Rahil.


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