Women Use Bitcoin to Resolve ISIS Can Get 20 Years in Prison


Pakistan citizen America a citizen, Isidor to finance terrorist organizations Bitcoin after being accepted, he will face 20 years in prison.

27-Year Resident-Old New York May Take 20 Years in Prison

Zoobia Shahnaz, 27 years old, the court where he was tried $ 22,500 credit and several credit cards in total 62,000 dollars he admitted that he used to raise funds. The funds raised are then used to buy Bitcoin or other crypto currencies to be sent to global ISIS companies.

Shahnaz became a pastor in an agreement with the prosecutor and explained his crime in detail. Especially in US jurisdictions, actors are usually able to reach agreement with prosecutors to expose people to a higher level, and in this way can be reduced. However, despite an agreement with the prosecutor, Shahnaz's sentence could spend 20 years in a federal prison.

Shahnaz from JFK airport in July 2017 Pthe akistHe was caught trying to escape. Crypto currency financing and terrorist organizations, especially in December 2017, experienced a dramatic increase after crypto coins gained a lot of space in the mainstream media. Although Shahnaz is a member of the organization caught on this issue, terrorist organizations can easily transfer funds and money using privacy-oriented crypto currencies, such as Monero.

In the past, to provide funding for Syrian groups, Sadaka Coins Even if he starts a project called, he is one of the news on the agenda.


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