Wednesday , July 28 2021

Why Twitter Users Don’t Use Fleet Features

The Fleets feature, which Twitter offered to its users last month, is not working as expected. In one study, half of the participants stated that they don’t want to share limited-time content on Twitter.

Twitter, last month Fleet offers a story feature which he named to his users. The Fleets feature, which Twitter craves, has 24-hour visibility and allows you to post that then gets lost, falling short of the company’s expectations.

According to news in the Digital Information World, the Fleets feature is not liked by many Twitter users even unnecessary extras to the platform It is evaluated.

Twitter users don’t want to post time-limited content

Twitter fleet survey results

In a study conducted by YouGov, half of the respondents stated that they do not wish to share limited-time content on Twitter. 35% of participants already share stories from other apps stated.

Another interesting result obtained in this study is that 13% of participants do not know anyone who shares the Fleet. 10% of participants that you don’t know how to share stated.

Twitter fleet survey results

Another question that was asked of participants in this study was how often do you think you would see Fleets posts from other users. Participants’ responses are listed as follows:

  • Once a day or more: 39%
  • More than once a week but I don’t check every day: 23%
  • Once a week: 7%
  • Less than once a week: 16%
  • I never checked: 6%
  • I don’t know: 9%

Twitter fleet survey results

In the study, the question of when you felt it appropriate for brands to use Fleets features was also asked. 54% of participants answered when there was a discount, 40% when releasing a new product, and 35% answered behind the scenes. 13% of the companies share Fleets shares. which they never thought fit stated.


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So what do you think about Twitter’s Fleet features? Have you ever used a feature on Twitter? You can state your opinion in the comments section, and you can access the YouGov website here, where the research was conducted.


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