Vitamins that do not need to damage the immune system


It was reported that the vitamins and minerals taken were not necessary to strengthen the immune system with fears of being sick in cold weather can accumulate in the body and damage vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver.

According to AA; Turkey National Institute of Allergy and Community Immunology Board Member Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Ugur Muşabak, explains the effects of vitamins on the immune system.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are not possible to fulfill the nutrients needed for health as Muşabak's natural food, "support for vitamins and minerals is needed. In winter, this need can be increased. It can increase," he said.

He stated the need to support vitamins and minerals during the treatment of chronic diseases. Dr. Muşabak shows that vitamins must be used only under the supervision of a doctor in such cases.

Muşabak, "randomly received vitamins can have too many side effects. This can accumulate in the body's toxic effects. Especially the heart, the kidneys can cause damage to vital organs such as the kidneys.


Usur Muşabak, vitamins that are consumed beyond the benefits can be detrimental, he said, warned.

Vitamin A is excess production, exfoliation, muscle weakness that can attract attention, Muşabak, "In addition, the liver is a toxic effect. Vitamin D increases calcium levels in the blood. This causes cardiac arrhythmias, kidney stone formation, and muscle cramps. Pain, dizziness, fatigue, every vitamin consumed more than its unique side effects is revealed. Any excess vitamin or mineral can accumulate in the body or create toxic effects, "he said.

He replied that vitamins should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor and when the body needs them. Dr. Muşabak, before taking a blood test, must be taken to take vitamins, he said.

Mushabak underlines that healthy individuals will not need vitamins and minerals if adequate and balanced nutrition, he said: "In the market, there are supplements in the form of drugs sold in the market to strengthen the immune system. It is possible to have adequate and balanced nutrition in the season this, so it is possible to reach all kinds of animal foods. Regular exercise and regular sleep are elements that support the immune system.

professor Dr. Usur Muşabak, cold air in fact affects the immune system, states the cause of the patient, ventilation in the environment is not enough to do, he added.


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