Update 2 – Boat that Takes Irregular Migrants in Mersin


MERSİN (AA) – Ships carrying illegal migrants sank in the Erdemli district of Mersin, and 11 people were rescued as a result of work carried out in the region.

According to information received, a boat carrying irregular migrants sank off the coast of the Kizkalesi region, the fishermen, the boat tried to save.

A fishing boat with dark migrants is reversed.

After notification, the Coast Guard was directed to the Mediterranean Area Command team and other fishermen in the area.

As a result of fishermen's intervention, 11 people were reported as Syrians. A Turkish citizen in the group was also detained by the team.

Meanwhile, the fishermen on the inverted boat were removed from the water by those found in other boats.

He was taken to the Erdemli State Hospital by ambulance for 11 Syrian medical examinations brought to land by boat.

Restored dark migrants are found in good health.

– Search continues in this region

According to a statement made by the Coast Guard Command, a boat with illegal migrants sank in front of Kizkalesi and information about the need for assistance was moved and two boats and a team of divers were moved to the area.

In the region, also called "emergency assistance" in the area of ​​civilian ships, a fishing boat near the sea of ​​11 illegal Syrian migrants and a Turkishman had been moved.

The statement includes the following statement:

"In accordance with the first information received, it was found that there were a total of 12 people on the boat, nothing was lost, and the court procedure was started against Turks who were considered immigrants.


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