Trailer Tafek Murder 42nd episode: Fair Kerim aims this time …


Murder Section Small-time 41; The murder of Mehmet Armed & nin against his wife died in the murder of his wife, Arda, and saw Emre, even if the victim of the incident was stabbed without stabbing his eyes telling him that there was indeed no crime. Minor killings in the last chapter; When Emre was stabbed by Mehmet and sought a solution to save his life, Pelin had to call Oya and call him to the office. Oya, who came to the scene, learned that both Emre's life and the person who had stabbed him by saving him from danger at the last minute and that he was aware of the relationship between Oya and Emre. On the other side, though Mehmet, with deep regret from his heart, put fear, anxiety and anxiety in the direction of killing Emre; Arzu 'n Ogan' ın this time began to suspect that the killer. Aside from all this, Oya's conversation on the cellphone causes blindness to the fact that Adil Kerim, knowing that he is Arzu's murderer, has threatened to act according to his wishes. began to be realized dominantly. Here, followed by a long time to return to the place where he finally stood on the trail of the episodes of the Merve 's Adil Karim Small Genocide Murders 42 published.


The film was directed by Ali Bilgin and Deniz Yorulmazer and directed by Meriç Yenif.


On players; Aslıhan Gürbüz, Gökçe Bahadır, Mert Fırat, Bade İşçil, Selim Bayraktar, Tülin Özen, Ferit Aktuğ.

small murder


Minor killings in the last chapter; Arzu's mysterious death brings together the residents of Sarmaşık in a chalet. An emotional and innocent memorial meeting that you can see before your eyes. Mehmet is there to take Arzu's revenge. Other people have other accounts that are not guilty at all. However, an uninvited guest suddenly appeared and caught them all by surprise! All crimes spread. They will eventually be punished. Burned with longing for Merve's wishes, Kerim tries to find Merve with his strength and finds his love when he makes love! He wasted no time, to meet the queen.


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